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Okay so can it be a possible add on

Is there a way to get a bee girl to join the heram or harpy?

Darth Vader saying NOoooooooo. 

Why the cliff hanger why

Hi is there any pregnancy chances?

Iv said almost same thing bubby but there isn't one at all

Hi Nranchs do you know how to recruit toebiter into gang

Hehehe U just got rend by the god of games

Okay thanks I'll just have to start again

Okay thanks U also how many monster girls in the story cause some people have fetish for other species pregnancy like harpy,demi,bug girls

Also you know the ring that allows you to swim can we get rings that U to pass through areas that U can't normally will pass like flamewalker, rockwalker, icewalkers

Ingot that far but somehow it not installing probably like it there but not there a the same time

Hi ryensaotome I kinda needs some help recovering story game for me cause a glitch happened n now I lost all the progress data on my android smartphone please help

Kind regards titans66 

Hi keisi studio i would like to know if these games has pregnancy as fetish in the story?

Okay when will it be possible and available?

Personal I would like to see if we can receive a harpy that join the team or heram to produce a baby / weregirl join .

Hi is there any pregnancy sences in the story?

HI is there any pregnancy chances for having kids?

Ok thanks just wanted to know that all

Can you be able to chAnge class?

Hi Nranchs is there anything I can find the rock walking skills to climb of the rock?

Hi Konvel quick question is there any chance that there is a pregnancy sences?

hi can U help find the skill rockwalker in the game

Ok well thanks anyway I may have an idea that U can try don't know if it will work but U the harpys n the beeling perhaps you could make it so either one could join the guild have babies with as well cause we have two bug girls that lay eggs so why not add a harpy or a new queen bee girl to the team?

And this is only an idea U don't have to use it Just an idea that I thought of.

Hi Nranchs I was wondering if you could put more sences like moving pictures of Mc having/abusing images please Cause it doesn't really excite me but I do like the effort that what counts also can you make mc wife's thie pregnant show their pregnancy rather not seeing if their pregnant or not also for ones that lay eggs show their laying them please 🥺 thankyou

Kind regards titans66

Hi can anyone help me get this in android version please 🥺

When can we expect pregnancy scenes? And naming first kid

Is there a android version?

Is there a android version?

Hi can anyone tell me how to get coc in android version 10 please

Would be nice to be able to get to make more kids

Hi quick question does anyone know how to install this game for android version 10

Pregnancy chances?


Yeah keep saying can't install

Hi can anyone tell me when the next update is available for Android?

Hi everyone I have a problem with installing the newest update n don't know why I have a lot of space

Okay thanks whew keep Up the work mate

Hi cr8tive m3dia I believe it been a couple of months now so I was getting worried that you may have become ill or had a accident that prevented you from doing anything so r U alright? 

Kind regards


Okay thanks just wanted to know that all 🤠😜