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Story looks like it will depend on player's choices but it's linear asf, you just have to do right choices until you don't lose.

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Idk but these may help: playing from different browser, deleting cookie or session data of webpage.

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  1. Music 9/10
  2. Story 8/10
  3. Tension 5/10
  4. Atmosphere 7/10
  5. Storytelling 7/10
  6. Difficulty: Normal

The game is short but story was good and it could be longer, the message it give in the end was good and worth it. Also it worths playing, i would recommend you guys to play.

If it feels hard to solving puzzles: Just try to read things in order to solve puzzles.

Feedback to developer
I accidently moved chatting list panel to outside of screen and it stuck there, i had to close and open the game in order to access it.