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I like your remake man, or woman, it has frequent updates and many features, and bugs to exploit- cough, not that its a bad thing it has bugs. I also have a bug:

I hitched a ride on a crate island to get to a other island and near the middle of my journey my screen turned black and everything I did made the game save.


Yeah, DarkNova is right, it's getting annoying :l

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You 250 IQ man


I love Industry, sadly, I don't have a computer or anything under my name, I do have a phone, and I do have a school laptop, I've been bored and I found this then I started to play, It's awesome. My new addiction

Ok it was fixed, a bit sad about no more infinite resources but its cool :)

Btw I love this remake.

Ok so I found a glitch where if you put stuff into anything you can then there will be a ghost item, if you drop it then you have another item, Idk if this was fixed in the new update or not.

Why did it ban me for no reason???


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