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need to be improved massively with the controls to be injoyable.But a good concept

any strategy involves playing the game.It's called:Making a strategy to play the game in a more organized fashion or play better.[Not trying to be mean or anything]  

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First off this game is amazing!But I came here to share a good strategy I've made.Nothing special about it.So when I start off I try to Upgrade with all the money I have.When I run out of money I go to plain out how I want my CPU to be.Once Im done I check the price,and pull that amount from the bank with 10k or 20k extra just in case.Then I create the product and let money roll in with the first task being paying off the loan I pulled from the bank.After words I use the left over money to upgrade and pull extra money if needed.I repeat and so on and so forth. 

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ok ill try[new to email]

I've just got back in the game today and i cant seem to control the train with the keyboard.Ive restarted the mission and the game.I play this on chromebook in the browser. 

you did

How did you get so far?I can only get to lv4 before I fail.

the game doesn't seem to respond very well to E press  

Fantastic game!Continue to create games like these,I can wait to see what comes in the future!

I never knew this

Great game

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Also is the full version only gonna be on steam? 

why is there no full screen

Ok it works now,Thanks

how do your start playing?I cant seam to be able to do anything;[