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Hollering and screaming about the reveal at the very end, in love with the mechanics, doubly in love with the characters!! Especially now knowing how easy Emrys could become an enemy, I am absolutely committed to winning his heart. This game is absolutely fantastic already. I cannot WAIT to see its completed version. Excellent, excellent work!

Oh I was having so much fun but ran into a compiling error in Kou's route upon drinking the alcohol! I hope it can be fixed, but even still I really really like this game. The CEO is delightfully bratty and it's so fun seeing him messed with by Kou and Daisuke. I hope you take care of yourself and consider continuing the story!!

Oh I NEED the full game of this. I really wish you all the best, this has so, so much potential. I love the style of the cutscenes, the concept is fantastic, the mechanics are great (learning about things through conversations, finding items in the map world), and the characters are So good. I love Thane and Arshem and NEED to know more about them!!

Oh I love this ever so much. I am trying incredibly hard to seduce Lynwood (and save everyone at the same time), and hope that will be an option in the future, but did also adore the Charlie options. He's so sweet. They're all so sweet. I love all of them and would kill and die for them. That's a threat. Fantastic work! 

NOOOO NOT THE "just wait" AND THEN THE CLIFFHANGER! Holy shit, this story is FANTASTIC. I'm so so so excited for more chapters. Incredible, genuinely incredible work!!

Hachi Machi. Keir was such a comfy route, and then playing Cirrus's right after... Woof. Bark bark. Bark woof bark bark. I adore both of their best endings, and I'm both so curious what their other ends are and also absolutely unwilling to get them because I love our little happy (?) endings. I beg you to keep working on this game, or at the very least just write the full story somewhere. I'm in love! The writing on both is absolutely incredible!!

Aw cute!! I loved this! I'm excited for a sequel or continuation or whatever you're planning! I really want to see the next few sessions (assuming the continuation ending, which was my first) or what the lovely "doctor" has planned for us next (assuming the more... captivating route)

HELL AND WHISKERS I was getting SO into it just as it came to the end of the demo so far!! I LOVE the writing and the attitudes of the characters, including the MC! The conversations feel super natural (as in, very natural, even when dealing with the supernatural) and I love the personalities of the two friends we've met so far. I really wanna see more!

OHHHh I love this premise, I want this story, I cannot wait for more. I really hope you're still working on this, because I absolutely want to get to know the agents.

(Grabby hands at Roman) Give me this horrid bastard, I'm going to romance him so hard I ruin his life. I love this story so far- even though there's so little of it, I'm immediately entrenched in this little mystery world and obsessed with this awful gentleman. The UI isn't the most easy to access, it would be nice if it was a bit more clear how to open and access the menu and save. But honestly that's a really small thing compared to how great the writing is! I can't wait to see more!

Oh I'm going to marry Maddox. These lads are so well written and I'm so desperately gay. I'll be honest, I am not fast enough to figure out the plot too well, but I do in fact love it and it's So good and I love being the perfect pair to Maddox. They're so charming when they're not being a monster, and honestly the latter is great too. So I'm in.

OOHOOHOO what a great story!! I need to romance Sebastian right now, but also the other boys, and also find out what the HELL is going on, because I'm obsessed. The magic in this world is so so so amazing even for how little we're taught about it! It just feels REAL! Fantastic work!

OOH this is GOOD! It's such a fun twist on hypnosis, the battle mechanics feel great, the art's very good for how simple the style is, and the story so far is a great hook!! I didn't expect to like the battle mechanics as much as I did, but I actually think they're pretty brilliant! Using your own power to heal after fights, but having to regenerate that power during fights is a fantastic mechanic! And any shortcomings it may have are easily avoided by the presence of health and power items to collect in the environment.

I want more So badly. I need to know more about these clips- who made them and put them there for Mezz, if there are other pieces that go with them... Perhaps if there's a dangerous, attractive mastermind with a grudge or in need of a toy... I loved the dialogue and the little subtle lines from the enemies. The "boar says something strange" line was a FANTASTIC way for the hypnosis to trigger, although I hope perhaps in the future Mezz will get to hear those lines as he falls deeper? Seriously though, all of the hypnosis was brilliantly done. I can't wait to see what you do next!

I adore this game. The art is fantastic, the mix of sketches and coloured, lined pieces actually works really well! The story is even more fun- this was the first of these games where I actually prioritized the story over the fun CGs because I was just too engaged. I desperately want to have more encounters with the bandit captain and romance some of the friends we've met so far. I also just want to know more about the story! It's a great premise and I adore how you execute it because it really feels like the world and your character have their own stories. I can't wait for more!

The game is fantastic. I love all the writing and the dialogue, and Julian has a special place in my heart and home. It really, really just needs to be possible to make or otherwise get witch bottles. It's incredibly frustrating to keep redoing the same RNG over and over and over without any way of improving your chances. At the very least, a skip button would help ameliorate some of the frustration. I want to play way more of this game, so once there's a better way to progress I'll definitely be hopping back into it!

Just reached the end of chapter 8, screaming, crying, throwing up, all that. I adore this story. I adore Xelef, and Rezan, and Azad, etc. etc. They're all utterly brilliant and beautifully unique characters. The story so far is fantastic! It's full of subtlety and depth and beautiful, beautiful magic that feels just about real. Seriously, stunning game. I can't wait for more.

I feel utterly bamboozled and excited and I can't WAIT for more Siruud content AND more Bright content (because come on, a creepy CEO with monster powers who immediately tries to kill you? I'm all about it). This is seriously awesome. You're a brilliant writer and I want to romance and tease the hell out of these men!!

In desperate need of more Derek content. I'm absolutely in love with him and his sadistic/sweet personality. Not usually a fan of the feminization, but honestly with him it works. He can call me a good girl anytime. Seriously, I would love to see more of this game though. The existing areas and story are fantastic, and Derek is a wonderful (horrible) character to fall in love with.

Aw man, of course the ONE character I immediately am attracted to is the one that gets got. I'm not gonna do away with the game just for that, but it does suck, lol. I look forward to more content- are you thinking of going more of a romance route or more of a murder mystery route? I think this game could do great things either way. 

Oh I've only played a little and I'm in love. Specifically with Valerian. Hand him over. He's beautiful, he's a little stupid, he's dangerous, and he's PERFECT. I adore his personality as you've written him and absolutely need more of his route. Fantastic work!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!!!