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Would be cool with a video:) But the fire-breathing thing sounds great;)

Haha galge? Remaking hangers into handlebars in VR is a great idea:)

Would be fun to see a video as well!:)

Very cool music:) Def makes it fun to play, nicely done!

This looks really cool! Great way to make it fun to play with a broom:) Really nice work!

Cool controller! Would be fun to see a longer video as well:)

Simply marvellous!

Nice with the PCG levels! And cool that the game (and eyetracker) detects which eye to blink with...! Nice work:)

Love the video with the accompanying text, supercool way to bring emotions out of your body and screen!

Nice way to use the moves:) And cool to make this game a hybrid between virtual and real world!


Haha such a cool controller!

So cozy and cuddly, while adding the game aspect to it as well, nice!

This looks like so much fun, definitely brings the game out to the real world!