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absolutely fantastic work; it's soo much better than Pocke Reader. Just two additions I would love: 1. adjustable font size; I really would like to have an even bigger font size so you can hold it further and still comfortably read.  And 2. as  much as I love the cute candle, it would be really handy to also have the option to display the percentages of the progress, maybe similar to pocket reader in the side bar when you press the menu button. Thnaks so much again for your work!!!

edit: 3. addition I would love: Option to right jump into the last opened book you were reading

Overall, I also really like the game and don't regret buying it. But I also feel with some minor improvements it could be even much better. I also think it's a pity that characters responses like "good morning / evening" going to school etc. don't match with the real lifetime with destroys immersion a bit. The gardening could imo be a bit more complex and be integrated to the story. Once, they even mention that the company wants a particular flower, and it would have been cool if you would need to plant this flower. It also doesn't make so much sense story wise that Midori is annoyed that she has to pay back 200k to their parents when I already had like 10 million on my account. And the loading times! It almost takes 40s to boot up the game, which is not so great for a game you like to pick up for only some minutes at a time. But like I said all in all a great game and a cute little story!