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Great game about collective action and organizing, with lots of helpful explanations for those uninitiated :> On top of that, some genuinely thoughtful writing and characterizations.


Interesting little short ambient story~ :>

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad the mystery and spookyness of the experience has stuck with you so much uwu

Of course! Feel free to post the VOD here as well once you've streamed it :) 

This was absolutely superb ;; Y'all did a great job with this story, and I was floored by how much time and polish you put into the artwork too <3

That's so sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed our little game uwu

AAAAAAAAAA I'm glad you enjoyed it ;O;

Omg thank you!!!!!

Oh my goodness, thank you for this incredibly kind comment!!!

uwu appreciated~~~

yussssssssssss!!! we're so proud of our resident nerd uwu

That's so kind aaaaaaa

Awwww thank you~~~ ^^

AAAAAAAAA thank you for playing, and for the very kind words ;0;

omg y'all did a great job with this game ;; i'm floored all of you were able to make this for a single game jam, it's really impressive just how effectively you were able to make such a polished VN in just a month! lovely writing, lovely characters, lovely art, and very appealing VO as well uwu Team Edwin for LIFE ;;;O;;;

What a delightful tail~ So many mewjestic characters and such purrfect sights to see uwu 

What a wonderfully well told story~ You have a very light touch throughout all the writing that leaves a lot to the imagination in the best possible way. Thank you for making this game :>

That's super appreciated ;;

Thank you for playing, and for the kind words ;O; Yussss mozzy is amazinggggggg

an absolute delight~ very much the kind of story i like to see as halloween approaches ;3c

omg that's so kind ^O^

AAAAAAAA thank you ^^

glad you liked it aaaaaaaa uwu

omg thank you that's so kind!!!!! ;W;

Omg that's lovely!!! ^^

That's so kind, thanks for playing!

AAAAAAAAA thank you

Aw thanks a ton!!!

That's so kind aaaaaa thank you for playing ;O;

;;;;W;;;; mozzzyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaa

thank you muchly~! glad you enjoyed it uwu

omg thank you!!!

barkie rulessssssssssss ;O;

that's so kind ;;

aaaaaaaa thank you so much!

Wonderful ;; hit me really hard when i'm considering my own name change at the moment

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

Thank you ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it uwu

This was very well done~ Story came together in a very unexpected way, and I'm glad I was able to see it to the end uwu