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This is neat, cheers. Would be nice if we could set a playlist where some tracks loop and others are shuffled between. Imagine a "cantina" playlist where the background chatter is constant but the tracks played by the band are shuffled. Not really doable right now in default Foundry.

Yes I did, I'm hoping for a lot more tycoon features. For example, contracts specifying mass and orbit (close, geo, etc) and then having to combine design rockets to meet certain specifications - at the same time - the market will shift - maybe getting lighter - or heavier. And you can maybe combine payloads (the way most rocket companies do) and put up a couple of sats at the same time (but this usually has a performance penalty as there are compromises with doing this). Or do the Electron approach and make many small rockets just for the small satellite market. Each design should be expensive to put together - require testing, certification (especially for crew), but get cheaper over time. Early rockets may explode - causing prestige hit and insurance to go up - etc. Lots of options! Keep it up!

Hiya! Video will be up on my channel in... 7.5 hours our so. Will be at this link:

What a solid student project! Good scope (not too ambitious). Keen to explorer a mechanic we've seen before - but doing it well (actually moving, not just clicking story options), and tight visual/audio connectedness (erm, you know what I mean). Nice work! Here's my playthrough!

This was really rather fun. Well done! I had a go, you can see below.

Can't get full screen to work properly, gives me the game in the top left of the screen, the rest white.

I've got some gameplay footage up here. Love this game, cool concept with a lot of potential. I hope the devs continue to work on this title!