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So is the brother just not available here?

well regardless of any games made in the future (if any) thank u for blooming panic. I know it will be an instant indie classic in the otome genre, like Cute Demon Crashers.

I love it! So excited for XYX route but first I'll reply the routes (I forgot how handsome the bois are haha AND how good the vas are)

Any hints about future content? Hope it's more otome-ish games.

Hello! It's okay if the game needs delay, just wanted to ask: is it still being worked on? Last message is 2 months ago so just worrying. I think I saw in Act I that Act III was planned for 2021.

Again, I do not mind if it goes to 2022, but just asking since 2021 is about to end hahaha!

How many episodes will there be

then please let me date john's emazing films country

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Pls let me date the country that countryhumans take place in. (this is joke...unless?)

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I'd have volunteered if I knew spanish. I am bilingual but not with spanish ^^ Portuguese and english only. Good luck toxic team the game is good

This is almost 1 year old

I hope everything ended well for you guys?

yeah i get it

if you're going to add huge bazonkaz we also need a man with a huge


How many chapters will the full game have

Pls continue to make games

After some trial and error i got every ending and extra ending. Good game, thank yo for making it.

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Made an account just to say that I loved it. Keep up the good work. Forgot to say that HAHAHAH. Oops

Thank you for your hard work.

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