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Nope- however the Itch version is DRM free. So there's a different benefit to each version.

It happens- especially with chromium based browsers. Unfortunately webgl is very volatile and doesn't work consistently for all users.

Back on the main part! It's the embedded web version.

The public demos are no longer being updated- there's enough here to give you a good idea of the game, in order to unlock more content please consider supporting us on Patreon or Steam!

It does! Steam has changed their rules on adult content and you can actually indeed find porn games on there now!

Do you guys not have a Patreon?

Thanks- updated the post a little bit so that it's just a general, more vague, "hey help us out!" statement. All of these things are still welcomed and appreciated!

It's in Early Access- the full game isn't done yet, anywhere. It's not the latest build, but rather the one before it. However- it is further than the public build.

The Steam version is Early Access- we'll be releasing more content for it as we go, just like the Patreon version! The Patreon version will receive more frequent updates, the Steam version has cloud saves and eventually we would like to add achievements & trading cards.

The full game will not be available on itch until it is completed- the Steam release is Early Access. We've had the game and it's content reviewed by the folks at Valve- they've approved us, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about on that side of things.

WebGL has issues with Chrome sometimes- have you tried playing in Firefox?

I'll have to check that out then, thanks for the report!

That's currently what there is- but we will have ways to have her transition to different animations like masturbation.

Right now though we have no intentions of having the player interact with her directly though.