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I need to study coding like Beth. She writes some beautiful lines of code :)

A lot of improvements that I'd like to see has already been said by previous comments. I would like to add coyote time onto that suggestion list. Some spike placement felt a bit unfair but that's mostly due to no checkpoint. 

Otherwise, neat little game! I liked the bounce and lean on the player character a lot :3

Thanks for playing :)

Pew Pew.

Interesting that a small game like this have a character customization screen. xD I saw the cats and threw rocks at em, neat little game.

Chaotic explosions and a made a gory mess, it was fun. I liked the voice acting! Very well made game!

I feel called out. >:I

Ah yeah that was a bug alright, tried to fix the path finding but probably require more digging. Thanks for clarifying!

Looking good. Some jumps are a bit of a challenge but that's just me being bad at precision platformers. Well done.

As a platformer I wish the controls and the object collisions would be more polished. And more energy crystal please. 

Otherwise the art and music are beautiful. Seems like that's where the majority of the time budget went. xD

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Thanks for checking the game out, which part was buggy for you?

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Thank you for the pack. Used it in my small project for learning game development. Cheers and rock on!

Congratulation on the release!

This is so cool to see, thank you for sharing!

Sure. Messaged you on discord.

Thanks for checking the game out!

Thank you very much for checking the game out! I really enjoyed Ruins of Mitriom, and hopefully one day I'll be able to make a game as good as that!

Daym this game is blowing my expectation out of the water... I thought our game turned out quite well after 2 weeks but holy shit.

This is by far the best game in the jam indeed.

Time to go back down the rabbit hole and figure out how to use the engine like pixel-boi

Thank you for the kinds words!

When we export to HTML5 and clicked the option something along the lines of "export entire directory" the tile map resources has a 90 chance of getting excluded... So sometimes exporting feels like a russian roulette before we manually selected each file to export. xD

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I personally tone down the SFX sound in the menus (press Esc for the pause menu) when I play, so I do sympathize with the move sound. It's unfortunate that the 2nd level isn't solvable for you, but I do appreciate you checking out the game.

Thank you for checking the game out. In retrospect we could have put a lot of the QoL features in the game, but hindsight is always 20/20. Thank you for pointing it out! It'll be a good learning lesson for our future projects.

if you ever get here. Here's Photon's Journey.

Thank you for checking the game out! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Don't feel too bad. I got stuck on the last level for quite a while as well and ended up asking extra hints, so you are not alone LOL. If we have more time we could add some in-between levels to drill the concept more. But it's a game jam and time is short. Thank you for checking out the game! P.S. We updated the hints section a little bit more and hopefully that might help a bit

I totally share your concern with the WASD movement in isometric games. I personally prefer mouse input more than keyboard input when playing this game. Glad you enjoyed the game!

For a bunch of strangers at the start of the jam, I think we worked pretty well together! Thanks for checking the game out!

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Thanks for checking the game out! It's real nice having a super talented Art and Music team. (Everyone besides me is an artist LOL) Hope you can find out what happened to Photon at the end!

I am really impressed by the amount of details you put in the models during the short time of the jam. It was fun checking out the stream and watching the progress, too bad the game is still in the early stages :(

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this game. Great game concept, and well executed! The controls with F to start the summon and stuff did take me a while to adjust.

The music slaps, gameplay timing is a bit hardcore...

Thank you for the pack: