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If you don't have any shoes left, things will be very hard.

When he charges at you, run diagonally away from him. When he stops, shoot his head no more than two times before running again.
Firing your last shot will recharge 1 shot faster than normal, but leave you unable to move for multiple seconds. This strategy is not recommended for boss fights. Take your time instead. His HP does not recharge.

Find the strange wall in the science class.

It's a gag item. And you're stuck with it forever. lol

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That's a very long (in real time) quest with many places to trip up.

You'll have to tell what you already did.

Or look it up on the wiki.

Either way, expect to sleep. A lot. Like a looooooooot.

The town you start in has a forest. The key is in Cassie's house.
Save the succubus there. She will tell you the way to Transylvania.

(I tried to keep it simple for Google Translate.)

I recognize that message lol

Well, for anyone else who has this issue, there is supposed to be an orange keycard behind the spider-crab tree (the one that's not already dead). If it's not there, completely quit the game and load again, and it should be back.

The problem was caused by pressing Escape using "Back to Menu".
This feature is still very new, and it doesn't save item states correctly.

Yes. Version r37.1 deprecated several character images as the standing artwork got updated.

On the Discord, you can find an archive of old game versions. If you download 37.1, load your character, and save, you should then be able to load it in the latest game version.

With "Aggressive Negotiations" lol

I mean, a hospital would be a logical assumption, but as that's only in the upper side of the city, the lower income pregnant women would just be screwed.
You visit the nursery instead.

As for the hunter, what were you last doing with him?
If you chased him in circles and broke the circle, you next look Northeast for the false wall.

Ya Linda is quite bugged in the dungeon because only her bed content is supposed to be enabled.

Woops lol

Jes, the twins have a couple scenes, all back-to-back.

Get the rare bug lure from Cless > Attend a biology class > Do Not dodge > Turn down Cless when he offers to help
(There is even an outfit you get from doing this, and it's the only legit way to get one.)

Show it to Linda. And bring spare machine parts.

And remember to tell it when to stop. kek

You see it right near the start of the game, actually. In the ruined lab.

Funny you should mention a chair...

There may or may not be exactly what you're looking for already in Lust Doll Classic. heh

Seeing it come back is a definite possibility.

There's a tree that releases lots of mutant face-hugger spider things if you get too close. It's guarding a keycard that's required to operate the tram. But, outside the tree room, there's a terminal with 4 settings, and 4 matching test tubes. Choosing the correct setting will put the tree to sleep.

Before even attempting, you need to ensure help from the police. Talk to Arlene about it, stir up trouble with the slum's hobos, sleep, and visit Arlene again.

To be very specific, there is only two ways to guarantee pregnancy. One is taking a pill beforehand, and the other is losing (or surrendering) to corrupted scientists. But the second method will not have any special flavor text or scenes related to it.

Otherwise, every creampie taken is a 10% chance to make a baby.

As for impregnating the various female NPCs, you must first take them on a date, and then convince them to take a fertility pill.

It's nearly impossible to miss, being the only large-ish object in the game that spins until you pick it up. But as for where, it's in the room with the tablet that talks about the password. Unless you skipped acts, in which case it will be put directly in your natural path.

Except on Submissive and Breedable mode, where it doesn't exist. After all, "submissive girls don't need a weapon" :3

Talk to the red haired girl a few times. Head outside and get the keycard, then save your game before using it. At this point, don't save again until after you turn on the generator, which is in the same room as the blue orb. Once the generator is on, there will be a few doors open that you couldn't go through before. Progress is back through the area with the green men.

That hint is talking about a loyal pet dog bandit girl, whom you can find all over the abandoned town. (Game mechanics wise, all bandit girls can turn into her, once you select the right option.)

The manor's mysterious door hasn't been implemented yet.

Cat hat can be found in New Ark. Take the stairs next to Hardware R Us and head all the way down.

There's no need to pick up the lipstick kit, unless you want to keep one for yourself. It's in Skin Deep all the way in the top left of Upper New Ark. If you're going to go that far, might as well also visit Poppin' Stop to see if they have the monkey and frog animal onesies.

By using a refinery that you can buy from the Upper New Ark mall. But first you'll need to finish renovating the milk farm so they have somewhere to send it.

Green orb does not exist in 0.37. The build simply ends there with no "end of demo" screen.

In version 0.38 :>

Get 7zip, or Bandizip.

Lil Shop O' Horrors

If you can't step all the way inside yet, try visiting Marin more.

First need to talk to Arlene, then the receptionist, both in The Rack.
Fawn will be in the upper left of the cafeteria only after that.

Activate the dream sequence by walking a whole lot before sleeping.
The dream has a percent chance to happen based on the total amount of steps taken since waking up in the lab.
After the dream, visit Rinny in the tower, but tell her "no" 6 times, and ask about "????"

Investigate North of the giant plant and bring with you at least 1 bottle of fairy dust, a stamina drink or mana potion or weird fish, and any type of cheese. Check out the circle in the middle of the screen and use the fairy dust. The Fairy Queen will demand a gift as payment for intruding in her realm, so give the potion / weird fish. It's recommended to make a save now, because you need to play a game and win. If you lose, you will have to leave, go sleep, come back, and give another gift (and use another fairy dust). After winning the game (becoming THICC or not doesn't matter), you can now ask the Fairy Queen how to get past the plant, and this is where you needed the cheese.

There's nothing in there even if you no-clip.
The building exists for world building, and a single scene with Fawn.

It's pure RNG. Just a 10% chance each time you pick up apples. Good news is, you can save on the screen with the apple spawn points and just load again if none of them are gold.

Alternatively, after you've saved Cassie, she has a small event where she goes and picks apples. If you find her while she's as it and help her, she will always give you 1 golden apple.
But, it's also RNG if that event happens or not...

That's about as far as it goes if no other characters get involved. Cassie's route needs to be worked on to take it any further, as doing so will lead to someone else working in the Torture Rack.

To start things off, you need to find the guy that charges 5 credits to let you pass and deliberately get past without paying.
Feel free to look up the wiki for Cassie's route, though. It's quite complex and has several possible Game Over endings.

[NAME] > AppData > Local > KADOKAWA

By The Way, this issue was caused by running a game that uses a very particular kind of .exe to play. It's going to come right back as soon as you play any game that uses it.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the culprit is "Pixel Game Maker MV player"

There are many steps, but for starters, get yourself a condo in New Ark (2,000 credits) and visit her once a day (she lives right next door).

Might be an issue with your monitor's refresh rate being too high.

There are several characters you can date, but the only one who outright calls you her lover is named Fawn. You meet her the first time you sleep in a condo. You'll want to put clothes on before answering the door, though. heh

It's been over a year since even the most recent Patreon version (which, no, is not finished), and 5 months since the author posted anything at all.

Hopefully they are okay, but... Not gonna lie, I've lost hope the game will ever be done...

If you don't want to wait for official release, you could try the Lust Doll Essentials mod (here on itch). 
But, keep in mind it's just a modified version of the free release, so you won't have access to the Patreon bonuses even if you have that version installed.
Also it has many bugs related to trying to have mega-sizes active and wearing clothes at the same time.

BTW, once you have paid for a good pass at least once, you can use it as a reference to try and turn poor quality passes into good ones yourself. Combine an ink pen with a poor pass at the table in your condo / farm side room / Cassie's place.

Although, it requires a fairly high Nimble stat to reach 100% chance of success (26+ I believe).

Straight down from the Don's mansion is where you go to learn about the passes. One screen to the left is where you buy them (you have to go around). Lin Lin's massage parlor is where you figure out how to make them actually useful.