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I can't say much more, it worked for me and my friends

get hamachi for free

Fricking cute

Love your game.

Please don't stop working on it! It have alot of potential!

whats new?

why does everyone upload the assetpack games from unity here

the game doesn't even start

isn't this a already done assetpack?

your game is so buggy and broken :/

after the vote ended I will go back to work on my game.

The vote will end if atleast 5 people voted.

Hey man, I added a bunch of new stuff and fixed many bugs maybe check it out. ;)

Thank you <3

Thank you for your feedback~ <3

I am working on selecting multiple units but I have some problems and bugs that need to be fixed.

A big bug have been found that the game doesn't support all resolutions.

I am going to fix it as fast as possible!

give me ideas for the next update.

How did you make your game online? I am looking forward to make a multiplayer game too

Help me to improve my game.

I will add more stuff in the future.

I love it!