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Just loving it. And cool to see how all the ideas you had over time merged into one amazing project 😃

Hi there, sorry for the late response. I haven’t used Flowlab in a while and have to check what is going on. Feel free to contact me on Discord.

Ok, new version. Fixed some bugs, that should work now. Next a detailed winner screen and maybe some animations for the game screen (is pretty bare at the moment).

I fixed some things, please let me know if the new version on microStudio works :)

Does this version work on chrome?
SOF v0.3

Gosh, played it on the phone with my grandkids, what a finger fight that was LOL Cool idea :)

‘Overdone’ … pfft … where is my energy drink, LOL Really loving this and well crafted.

YEAH, another puzzler :) Always makes me happy.

LOL, your sound effects lift it to a very fun level :) Caught myself clicking around just to hear what else you have to ‘say’, HAHA Well done

Our 3D master :)
Sure would we like to see the source ;)

WOW, love point&click puzzles. The story, short but bitter sweet. At least a happy ending :) Hope to see more along these lines.

LOL, triple mayhem :)

For sure I didn’t get far (I’m just to slow), but it is fun to play. Maybe a system where you can switch characters during the game? Maybe objects that show up randomly and when you walk over them you switch character? Well done :)

You sure those are not Tribbles? LOL

I am a fan of this kind of choice games and just love your version. Well crafted as usual … dang it is good, LOL

Uff, not easy, but what a creative idea for a game :)

YEAH, a game I can enjoy with my crappy reflexes, LOL Very relaxing

Is it PI or is it 3 ? LOL, loving it. The Gfx and music give me an Undertale vibe. Well done :)

Cool idea :) I am keen to see the other outcomes, so definitely try to implement a restart button.

Gosh, I remember those Horse Race Carnival Games :) What a great idea to turn that into a computer game, well played

Cool, old style rogue like =) I love this kind of game

Don’t ask how many pages of paper I have wasted to play this (the ‘square’ version) with my mates during class. Love this variant :)

And dang, it is one well crafted game.

Straight forward fun to play SHMUP :) But dang, landscape mode really doesn’t give you much of a warning where they show up.

But I suck at games that require reflexes anyway, LOL

Fun to play =) Took me a moment before I realized that I can ‘load’ my ‘bone gun’, great job. I think all it needs now is some nice background music.

Hmm, interesting variant. Maybe I add it as a selectable option. At the moment busy fixing the buggy 3rd roll, lol

I agree :)
Is more fun ‘live’ with others around the table. I might have to think about some extra action to add? Not sure what yet.

Ok, I just noticed that I definitely have to fix turn 3 :)

Wow, now that’s one interesting project. Will give it a go once I’m at my pc :)

The engine is a custom development. I leave the details to the Developer before I tell wrong stuff, lol. More info on the website where you can run it online

Lol, luvin it :)

And thanks to your cute robot and the amazing theme song by Baconcat008 I won second place :)

Thank you :)
Glad you enjoyed it

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Used that cute little guy here :
Loving him :)

Done in 5 lunch breaks and an additional 2 hours I had spare.
So not the ‘Big Thing’ but I didn’t want to miss another Flowlab Jam :)
Important for myself was to make it mobile friendly so that I could test it ‘on the go’.
50 levels to challenge you and yes, all of them have a solution.

Enjoy & Have Fun :)

Windows 7 :)
I try later on my newer pc, that one runs W10 and let you know.

The windows version gives me a malware warning?

This fun to use engine is constantly evolving and growing. Love it, can’t wait to see what the future brings :)

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Still missing a lot, run out of time as usual :) Increasing difficulty, Highscore save, more enemies and levels? Oh, and touch controls for sure.

So instead of Christmas Cracker jokes we get Halloween Crackups, LOL :)

The main theme and restriction are announced, go and have a read :)