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Tinhe Shaprada

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Im new into this, and i do like incest (dont judge), and the game said it didnt condone incest in it...

What pinalty do i get for using it (is it a cutout for every incest-be scene, or what what?)

I'm new and i get  Rickrolled  already?! man, i Love you dev~

whats this about "super victory" you mentioned?, i only got "still a victory", "better victory", and the "mega victory"...

whats the condition to gain the super victory thingy?

simple and pretty fun, need more adultery to pay for all those hardworked patient tho~

the art style is awesome, the music damn good, and also tiny little detail of the area and sound effect.

Mechanic is fine but the button layout is pretty hard to handle

(Maybe using Z,X,C and directional button will make them purrfect 😻)

and hey, i love those thing you guys did by disappearing npc's as soon as i get the knife, (i was gonna stab somebody 😈 but when theyre gone, its creeped me out, and thats! What makes it awesome!)

And yeah, i found a bug, the first enemy shot and made my heart jumped, i ran back out the door and came back stabbing him, he died, but the animation is cutoff, he just stand there.

fortunately the second enemy death animation's run smoothly😥

Thats all, good luck guys, im lookin' forward to the updated version 😌