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Very very cool. Congrats on getting it done and I hope it gets printed!

Hi, does the current text-only version fit your needs? 

Thank you so much for playing this game. I loved reading your response to it and I'm happy it had a positive effect. Hope you've had a wonderful day.

Hi! Thank you for your question and your interest in WAKE. 

It feels like a while since I made this (though it probably wasn't that long ago), but I believe my intention was that Roaches were very expendable. I wanted players to feel like Neo and Trinity in taking down a whole army of tactical wearing goons with relative ease.

I think it would work best if a player is capable of eliminating a Roach with a success on whatever roll they are doing towards that effort.

For example, if a player says "I want to shoot one of the three Roaches by the door with my crossbow, I'm trying to kill them" and then they roll a 5 they succeed and do exactly what they wanted. If they roll a 6 they succeed to greater effect, perhaps the fallen Roach falls into the other two leaving an opening for the rest of the party to attack. If they roll a 3-4 they succeed, but the Roach also fires back and deals 1 point of strain.

I imagined actions against Roaches that were not clear successes (5+) would always result in a single point of strain. Then if you want to create 'hardened' or 'veteran' Roaches or other more powerful enemies, have them deal more strain whenever they are encountered.

I hope this helps. I would love to hear how Nightmares manifest in your game!


Love this! I think it would be perfect for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Art is killer, too.

Found this great guide on accessible colours (the best colours to use for those who have visual impairments.

This page includes links to tools for testing the accessibility ratings of your color palettes and for generating new colour palettes, too.

Hey all!

You can check out last year's Accessibility Drive submissions here:

This is a repost of a topic created for last year's game by thehudsonbay.


While it's geared toward online content, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) provide lots of useful recommendations (and related principles) for all types of media:

Rocky Mountain ADA Center has a great article that reviews the most important information in the WCAG:


When creating PDFs, avoid using "Print to PDF." A screen reader user may still be able to access the text of PDFs created this way, but heading structure, alternative text, and any other tag structure will be lost. Using "Save As" or "Export" can preserve these tags. (via Accessibility Awareness on Twitter: @A11yAwareness)

Here are the responses from last year's jam page.

Yubi: Hello! I have updated my carrd with a link to reflect my lowered rates for this jam!


Hi, I'm Gem, aka disabledandfab. Please feel free to contact me on twitter (@disabledandfab) or email ( to discuss rates and/or see examples of my previous work. I'm very flexible, and I'd love to help your game :)

If you are an accessibility consultant please post your contact details below.  If you are a jam participant, please peruse the collected professionals below. Do not assume that anyone posting here is available for unpaid labour.

Here are some of the responses to this from last year's jam:

angela-quidam: If someone wants to create an ePub, I created an easy to follow step-by-step guide. It's available for 5$ or for free as a community copy:


Tanaguru can be used to test your background/foreground colors for appropriate contrast. If your colors don't meet the minimum contrast ratio, it will suggest other colors!

Color Brewer was created to improve data visualization (mostly for maps), but it can give you a set of hexcodes based on certain criteria (i.e., colorblind safe, print friendly, photocopy safe, number of hues).

Kapwing is my favorite video captioning and transcription tool! The auto captioning is really accurate and very easy to edit. You can do a couple free videos each month, but there are also reasonably-priced subscriptions if you need to caption more videos!

Dyslexia-Friendly Design tips

Please post any links to resources and guides for making accessible materials here.

Awesome! Yay Mausritter!

Love this! Takes me back to my childhood; Biker Mice from Mars, Bucky O'Hare... can't wait to craft stories like that at my table.

That's so wonderful. Thank you for laying out your process here. Really appreciate it! 

Absolutely, I'd love to include your Dsyslexia-friendly version in this jam. To be clear, any time someone includes an accessible version of their game they can submit it to this jam.

Thanks for your submission. Your game looks wonderful. What accessibility considerations did you add to your game to make it compatible with this game jam?

When creating PDFs, avoid using "Print to PDF." A screen reader user may still be able to access the text of PDFs created this way, but heading structure, alternative text, and any other tag structure will be lost. Using "Save As" or "Export" can preserve these tags. (via Accessibility Awareness on Twitter: @A11yAwareness)


WAKE community · Created a new topic AMA

This topic is specifically for questions you want to ask me. I'm expecting questions about WAKE's development and future plans, but I'll consider any question you put here (please be nice). I will read all that goes in here and try to respond to as many as possible.

WAKE community · Created a new topic Error Reporting

Here is where you can highlight errors in WAKE. Error could include typos and areas and conflicting rules/mechanics. Pointing out these kinds of errors is extremely helpful and appreciated. I will not be responding to messages in this thread.

WAKE community · Created a new topic Negative Feedback

Here is where you can share what you don't like about WAKE and anything you wish was different about this game. All feedback is useful and appreciated. I will not be replying to any messages posted in this thread.

WAKE community · Created a new topic Positive Feedback

Here is where you can share anything you like about WAKE. Your time reading and playing the game is deeply appreciated and your feedback is very valuable. However, I will not be replying to any messages in this thread.

This looks really cool, came here after seeing this on YouTube:

1 GM and 2 or more players.

I recommend 1 Narrator (GM) and between 2 and 4 players.

This is really cool. Great work! Also, that gif at the top of the page is *chef's kiss.

Wow, that is so nice to read. Thank you so much for buying that bundle and for this feedback. I hope you have many wonderful Mausritter games in your future (love that system so much). The Mausritter discord is a lot of fun, too.

What makes DnD so good is that you can play any kind of game with it. The limitations are on you, not the system.

I love the design of this game and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Nice work!

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Hey all,

This is as far as I am right now, but I'm eager to develop it further.

Dreadfall, North Dakota: A Wretched & Alone hack where you play as a teenager chronicling the strange goings-on in their small prairie town. Touchstones include: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Eerie, Indiana, The Secret World of Alex Mack.

The group was pretty lucky with encounter rolls. The only real threat they faced on the road was two hostile giant weasels. They made it to the elms, filled up on feathers and got rich. They didnt run into a rival group, unfortunately. My favourite moment was their time with the Eukaryotic Collective. Some players told stories abpur their checkered pasts to gain passage and it was cool for them to have a dedicated stage to do that on.

Some other nice moments: 

Using a Tar Pot and pine needles to patch the ferry boat.

Casting Raise Spirit at the Barrows.

Feats of strength was a lot of fun, one of the 'weakest' characters was the only one to pull it off.

There we're a lot of things on the bestiary that I wish they ran into. But at the same time, I think the rate and possibility of encounters was perfect. I like when those are more of a garnish  with the landmarks being the main meal.

Ran this last night and had an absolute blast with it. The flow of the adventure is perfectly crafted with plenty of amazing encounters. Just like a good NSR game should, this adventure allows you and your players to use creative thinking and problem solving to get around and through obstacles. It's got a great bestiary, too, with creatures I'm going to pluck out and feature elsewhere. Fantastic stuff! 

Ran this game tonight and had a lot of fun. Lots of great encounters to be had in this one, many of which interlink in pleasing ways. Also offers enough space for me, the warden, to weave my own narrative between the various landmarks. Highly recommend this adventure.

PROLE community · Created a new topic Wow

I'm in love with this. The design, the art, the intention. Can't wait to play (and maybe create some third party content). Thanks for making something awesome.