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Some bugs I found while playing: You can shoot before picking up the gun in the beginning. And at some point I tried to crouch and walk forward... having Crouch on Ctrl in a browser game is not really what you want since Ctrl + W will close the tab you're focused on. 

Besides that, not a bad game. Well done!

Thank you so much!

I added a new canvas that would first be invisible. Whenever the level select button is pressed the canvas will appear. In the canvas I created some buttons that refer to a script on the canvas. In that script is a function for every button and when one of the level buttons is clicked it will load the corresponding scene. The script uses the unity scene manager to be able to switch between scenes.

It would be awesome if you could turn on the servers on Friday 24th (tomorrow) at about 15:00(/ 3 P.M.) CEST.

I'm already happy because of the fact that you responded to me. So you don't need to feel sorry if this time doesn't work for you.

I tried to host my own server but I whenever I loaded up the game and pressed "~" nothing happened.

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Are the servers offline? I'm trying to play this game with a friend but I just see: "connecting to server..."