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Thank you all for your incredible reviews. We are extremely honored. Hard work & risks definitely pay off. See you soon with bigger projects ! =)

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We're on it. It's happening. Check out on

Hello Christopher. We are on track, but we can't announce any date for now.
We're working on The Last Night every day, and we're still making changes to the scope of the game.
Our vision is massive, and we're trimming & picking up only the best pieces to make sure the game is as great as it can be.

Fair enough. I think the faster the unit, the faster the tick rate then. It would make them more reactive. Shotguns especially have big issues yes.

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We know from the developer the tick rate is set to 0.5s.
It means all AIs evaluate their logic twice per second, all of them at once.

And I think it's far too low: it is the source of inconsistent behaviours, leading to unpredictable outcomes, and ultimately provokes weird delays between actions, especially when you get a bit creative with AIs or rely on collisions for your strategies.

As the game simulation is offline, it doesn't need realtime sync between clients and the tick rate doesn't have to be tied to server performance & ping. Hence why I don't see a good reason to go with such a low tickrate. I'm fairly certain AIs would behave better with a faster, more responsive tick rate like 0.05s (evaluated 20 times per sec).

Sebastien said the tick is every 0.5 sec, which I think is really too low and creates a lot of inconsistant / unpredictable behaviours.

It's actually untrue that you can force draw on these maps.

I developed AIs to prevent this from happening, even on a map that may seem impossible like interference. It requires some creativity, but you can definitely play the game differently than just shooting & going for resources.

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Same. Would be awesome. I think the best way would be to have player profiles :

• it would show win ratio & league

• it would be great if we could make an AI public (displayed on profile) or private (if we want to keep our secrets)

• hall of fame of 3 replays (we could save it any replay to hall of fame to show off, demonstrate crazy techniques, etc…)

I actually found strategies consisting of

• rushing for the opponent bases

• once there, wait for any incoming ressource carrier & shoot them

• once all enemies dead, bring back everything to home

It usually works against rushers.

100% agree.

I love facing you on the game btw!

I agree. It's the most interesting to micro, it's not too fast, and every aspect counts: range, self-preservation, risks… I think the shotgun class break the game a lot for instance.

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Thank you so much. The game should be between $15 & $25. It will be available on PC, Mac, and consoles.

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Hello friends. No need to vote, the game already won in 2014 actually! It's been quite some time. We are making the real game now.