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Happy Birthday Limezu!
Take some photos of anything you want to recreate in pixel form.

Hope your hotel is as nice as this one. <3

I LOVE the little crates of fish. So so good Limezu!

Add them as admins on the submission.

This is now my favourite set of pieces Limezu!
OMG the boats and the fish shadow are amazing.

Absolutely perfect.

OMG @limezu, the little itty bus stop might just be my new favourite asset.
My future plans for this pack need to change solely based on this. 

Welcome back! And glad you're looking after yourself.
Slower updates are no problem. It's just as exciting seeing things trickle in slowly. We know the end result is amazing, the pace we get there doesn't matter.

Purchased for me, and gifted to a friend.
And NOT at the sale price.
You deserve it all @limezu. We're so excited for this!

OMG it's been so many hours of refreshing. :D

So excited! Can't wait to see it finally.

Fingers crossed there's no free option at the start so I can gift it to a couple of friends too!

Here you go!


We check every day for the modern exteriors Limezu.
You've got us all on the edge of our seats. And a big thanks for the previews you shared already.

No rush, no pressure, just super excited and eager to get it!

Updated to fix a small bug showing the item frame in the edges of the saved PNG at some resolutions.

One update to go!

This has been incredible to watch play out. I just found the first comment I made on it 298 days ago.  Congrats on this extraordinary pack!

I'm on the edge of my seat to see the exterior when it's time.

No rush, it'll get here when it gets here. :)

OMG it's my idea!

So you're modifying assets from Synty studios, and then giving them away... Pretty sure that's not within the bounds of the license they have on their assets.

I love these sprites so so much. 😍 Thought about adding in things like cameras, lights booms etc for a photo studio/film set/movie set?

And any idea when you'll have the exterior set ready to release? Can't wait to pick it up!

Purchased for a little extra. This is just gorgeous.
Looking forward to more.

Thanks Sugarsores!

The pandas were a late game addition to add some challenge and depth. Testing showed you could either hit a rhythm and never lose, or you failed no matter what. So I put the values closer to the "never lose" end and made some obstacles to randomly get in your way. They choose at random to come to where you are. It REALLY does feel menacing when they all choose it at once. 🤣

Camera is a real weak spot, I got that in first and then never had time to get back to it. Cinemachine learning time it is.

And Im so glad someone loved the diegetic interface. It was one of the first decisions I made, it kind of came to me WITH the idea. I wanted the player to turn around and see it changed "Oh damn, I am running out of water".

This jam was such a blast. Can't wait to polish this into something a little cleaner and get it into more people's hands.

Thanks for the comments and feedback, really appreciate it!

Worked out what the negative number is. When you buy wheel force upgrades it charges you the cost of the next upgrade, not the one you clicked on. So 1200 charges when you click the first one.
PS love the animations of the guy running in it!

I got enough credits to buy an upgrade to the wheel force. And it then sent me into negative dollars, and the wheel force didn't change. Still get 5 seconds per click.

Yeah no spinning for me either.