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there's a tower called "Wave" that spits out fluids, if you supply it with water it can put out fires.

Yup, it works fine now!

Btw, the script is both broken and unnecessary; All it does is set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the local path and then runs the game's binary, but there aren't actually any libraries in the shipped package. But on top of that it can't even be run, because it's missing a hashbang at the beginning to tell the kernel what interpreter to run it with, so when you try to actually run it, you get "exec: Exec format error". So either delete the completely, or put #!/bin/sh at the beginning :)

Hope that helps!


I've already tried the game a bit on my laptop and liked it. However, on my desktop - which has two displays connected to it side-by-side - it starts up on the right monitor but has the resolution of my whole desktop. That gives me the left half of the game's screen on the right half of my screen space. Incidentally, that makes the menu tricky to use :(