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I just noticed that you have now added a working exe, so now I can actually play and give real feedback :D Cool game idea, the visuals and music are very nice, but it took me a while to figure out what you were supposed to do. Also I can't tell if this game has a win condition, judging from the page description I assume not. If you decide to continue working on this, a better tutorial and more things to do would definitely help.

Very cool game! It took a while to understand what the 1-4 thing was, I think that could have been explained better. I also think that the console was too small and the guy view was too big, since he doesn't really do much except stand in front of the computer. Maybe if he did some stuff other than that, it would be justified. Otherwise though, I had some fun playing it, so I think it's pretty good!

Thanks for playing! It's of course really buggy but I'm glad you thought it was smooth and responsive.


This has a lot of promise! I like the art style and the idea, but it's sad that there isn't much gameplay.

Nice game! It felt impressively polished, but of course boss 1 was broken which is weird. I personally use a touchpad, which I know kind of sucks, but it would have been nice to have keyboard inputs for the attacks. Otherwise pretty good!

No way, I had the exact same idea as this at first, luckily I changed my mind :D Great game, I liked it! In the later levels you actually don't even have to use the other enemy types, you can win with a single well-placed spike, not sure if you know this or not.

This was a pretty good platformer, but I agree with everyone else that it could follow the theme better and that it was unreasonably difficult. Some enemy hitboxes felt slightly too big. I thought it was cool that you added a secret underground area though.

Also, for some reason (maybe i'm just a masochist lol) I decided to keep going until I won the game, and after an uncountable number of deaths and rebirths, I finally reached the ledge leading to the button. I could feel the power in me, and I knew that destiny must have brought me here, to reach this button, to end the world...

No offense, but it was kind of anticlimactic :(

This was really good! Maybe different kinds of enemies (but I think that the simplicity is nice) and some indication that a person is dying from your corrosion would be nice, but otherwise I have no complaints.

This was a really good game with a solid idea! Music and more options for things to add would be nice, but of course because of limited time those might not have been possible. Still a really good game for the theme and the time limit, I enjoyed it!

I agree with everybody else down here, this has a pretty solid idea that could be made a lot better with a less buggy ui and some sound effects, and also maybe some better art but I find the simple art style kind of charming. Also on the more technical side in a large or zoomed out monitor everything looks tiny as it doesn't scale properly, so it would be nice if that was fixed. Overall pretty good!

Er, there is no downloadable...

I'm not sure exactly what's happening but all I see is a blank gray screen

Thanks for playing and the suggestions! Because of my masterful procrastination skills I didn't end up adding sound until within the last 15 or so minutes, so sorry the sound design kind of sucks. I'll be sure to make it better if I update the game!

Thanks for playing, glad you found it fun!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!


Thanks for playing! I'll make sure to find a way to make some better looking fire, thanks for the suggestion.

thanks for playing! you talk about the enemies being annoying, but really, aren't you the enemy....

i am too, so maybe you just havent updated in a while or youve turned off javascript or something.

i am too, weird that it doesnt work, are you using chrome for your browser?

that isnt an operating system or browser

weird, what browser and operating system are you using?

Thanks for playing! I'm also sad i didn't get to the boss fight, i was planning a whole lorax bit and everything lol

bro actually snailed



thanks for playing!



amazing, thanks for playing!


how dare they try to kill my little pig!!!!!

very cool, amazing for 1 hour! heres my best score:

wow that's such an amazing score it'll take years for someone to improve on that

thanks for playing!

noice, my high score:

very nice, i like it! here's my highscore :)

thanks for playing my game! i was worried it wasnt hard enough, so i'm glad you think it is!