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Thank you for the compliment. It makes me happy to know you think so highly of my game. :)

It might be my end. I'm using Chrome, but I've notice the same problem on other 3d unity browser games that have been submitted. 2d games work fine, and your front page appears as normal. It's just that the game itself doesn't seem to have any lighting whatsoever on my browser. Hmm...

Interesting and fun (and admittedly slight frustrating) concept

I'm sorry to say, but you may need to work on this a bit more. All I'm getting on the browser version of this game is a black screen with "Press 'space'" and "Quit" on it, neither of which appear to do anything. I can see green lines appear as a move my mouse around occasionally, and that your base game is there. I just am unable to see what it is that I need to see to actually play your game.