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A member registered Sep 16, 2016

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We need maybe a support class, with a heavy machine gun and some protection, and maybe city warfare! Thanks!

thx man! Is the beta free? Is the full game going to cost anything? If it costs something, is it going to be free for people who tested it?

I mean things like regular patch updates, etc

Lol I was just about to suggest that (siege weapons)

Does it update automatically?

Lol I made that account up so I could get to the comments section again so I could favorite this page XD

Thx bro i can't wait too

Thx bro I can't wait too

This is so sick

Maybe you should add something like a TABS mode, where you pit 2 armies against each other and then you can take control of something at will

Also, some unit suggestions: crossbow (like archer, more powerful, slow reload, maybe go through shields), maybe some horseback units

Cant wait to see what happens!