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This game was such a creepy experience but I had so much fun playing it, thank you!

Had so much fun playing this game, thank you!

Simply an amazing game, loved it, thank you for the great experiece! :)

I actually managed to finish this game which I'm proud of, great game, thank you!

All thanks to you!

definitely did, you did an amazing job! :)

This game was fun, I'd definitely like to see a full story mode or something along the lines of that.. great job!

This game has been interesting, although I didn't really got what it was all about I had a fun time none the less. Would be cool if you did something with the upper area + implement a story into the game, thank you for creating Please! :)

Hey there!

I really loved playing this game, I got jumpscared so bad I lost my breath, amazing! (yikes)

I've made a video on the game, thank you for creating this game! :)

Had fun playing this game, reminded me of slender man :)

Had so much fun playing The Visit, thanks for the great experience.. pls make IT a jumpscare tho ;) 

Had such a good time playing this game, never thought I could be feared by a spongebob related game.. thank you for the game!

Had quite some fun playing this, great job on the game!

This was probably the most enjoyable game I've played from, you did really well. thank you for the great experience!

Short but fun for sure, definitely worth checking out!

This game was so much fun to play, creepy vibes yet entertaining! 

(sorry for calling you English trash in the vid, it's meant as a joke. <3)

Thank you for creating Humxn, it was amazing!

AWESOME GAME! had such a fun time on this game, excited for the police update!

This was such a fun game to play, I really didn't like what you did at the end tho Charlie!

Hey there!

Thank you for the awesome experience, I enjoyed your game and am glad I got to play it, I made a video on the game with my facecam :)

Definitely a future idea, it was a fun game!

Had so much fun playing this game, thank you for the great experience!

I wasn't able to finish the game (If there was a genuine finish/ending) but I had a lot of fun regardless, made a video on it too!

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This was a pretty short but fun game to make a video on, thank you for creating this game, hope you'll turn it into a bigger game cause I'll definitely be playing it myself! :)