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Alright, cool! I will watch this game's development with great interest.

Its pretty good, but I have several issues, while I like the story and the obviously Witcher based setting, i kept encountering glitches, from minor visual ones like the firing reticle staying on screen after trying to use a spell in the sword tutorial, to falling off screen and ending up on top of the screen, I see great potential in this game, but its glitches are holding it back.

Awesome in the actual sense of the word. The depths this visual novel goes to is astounding. After completing it I was so depressed and I had to surf reddit for an hour before I came down from the (for lack of a better or even existent word) emotional low this game gave me. Every character and scene is just marvelously crafted until it ends in a heart-shattering finale that left me empty and sad but fulfilled at the same time. Still don't know what the prize on graduation day was going to be though.