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A member registered Aug 27, 2023

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very fun game, love the aesthetic!

true peak of horror is taking a shower

probably the best low poly horror game i've played!

might upload a new years special on this today

are you one of my 34 views

(because of the retro/PS1 style it's low quality)

by the way I know this is quite a lot to ask for, and please it won't be awkward if you say no. Could you add an Easter egg with like a low quality poster with my pfp or something that represents my channel into your game for the next update? I feel pretty bad asking for this because I know it's hard to say no, but I would be forever grateful because I'm actually hooked on it. It would be nice for my next video on it. (also would make my friends jealous) 

You too!

ofcourse! I'll make another video on that when it releases.

no problem, I hope you release more games like this. also thanks for actually optimizing it because my pc usually lags a lot on these types of games for no reason at all.

I loved this game! Got two endings got lazy to get the last one.

liminal climax ong


no problem!

I love how everyone makes fun of the doors, you've also earned a sub!

Thank you!

Great game! (i tried attacking the creep with my bare hands because i'm just that cool) 9/10