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This is some really stellar stuff. I love the way Alpha plays. Smooth as butter and it feels great to run and slash my way through stages. Cassie's a little harder to wrap my head around, and personally I think if you're going to use the shoulder buttons instead of the face buttons to play with her, that should extend to dialogue boxes too. It's a little annoying to have to move up to the X / A button when I've gotten into the groove of using the shoulder buttons.

I'm not gonna lie, I downloaded this demo because I think the monster is extremely cute. If he wasn't trying to eat me, I'd definitely smooch.

Only complaint really is that the demo is a little simplistic, and that I'd really like a gamma slider. Maybe it's my monitor, but the dark rooms are just totally black for me. There's a difference between darkness making things tense and not being able to play because I can't see anything.

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Great fun! Very cute and relaxing game.

Fantastic game! So short though. I'm not gonna lie, I'd shell out $20 for a full length version. My only complaint is that it's perhaps a bit too easy. I breezed through final boss without even getting hit. Maybe a hard mode for more experienced players?

It is in beta. The dev has more recent builds on his patreon.

Super charming and clever little game. I would gladly pay more than the $5 I did for a fully fleshed out version with more characters and dialog. As it stands, it's about an hour's playtime, but every bit of it is good. It leaves me wanting more.