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Can't wait for the full thing! I'd love if there were more "special" scenes though.

It says I need Adobe but Adobes shut down... how am I supposed to play?

I really want to play this but all I've got is an android device. I'd love to play this!

alright! Thank you!

Does in plan mean it will be done later because I can wait.

Any chance you'll make this Android compatable?

Thank you so much! I haven't found a single game like this for Android so I'm really excited!

Aww, I would of loved to play this! Still trying to get a laptop or computer. Anyway it looks great! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Any chance you'll make this for Android?

Just wondering but will this ever be for Android?

This looks so good! Can you make it compatable for Android?

Sorry if I've already asked but will there be a Android version?

I can't remember if I already asked, sorry if I did, but will this ever be for Android?

Can you send me the links so I can download them?

Damn I wish I could play this! It looks pretty good!

Well I'm using a Galaxy J36V which is an older model and may be the reason why it's not working. I'm stuck on the main screen where it says start, volume, music, and exit.

I'm on android and I can't even load past the title screen.

Is this for android?

Really? Honestly it's amazing!

Oh thank you so much! Also, I feel like I recognize your art from somewhere else. Have you done any other games?

yeah, I've got to get a new one. But thank you!

I'm using a Galaxy J36V and the frame rate is 10 to 11. It may be because I'm on an older phone.

Could you please make this available to android? Thank you!

I love this game so much but I'm on android and dear god it's so laggy and the controls are so floaty. Any chance you'll fix this?

Will this be available on android?

Just wondering but will it ever be available for free? I'm not exactly able to spare the money...

Thank you very much!

Uh... I can't download it on my android...

Every time I install one of these games from Google it asks if I'm sure I want to download it if that's what you mean.

Actually no, not that. It downloaded but when I tried opening the apk itself after the download to play it failed for some reason.

Hello, I have a major problem. I tried and download this on android but it failed when I tried using the download manager. Is there something wrong with my device?

I love it so far! Though at the moment I'm extremely lost. I've had to first encounter with the wolf girl and now I can't do anything else... is that as far as the game goes for now or is there more?

That's great to hear! I can't wait for the full release! I love it so far! Hope everything goes well! Have a wonderful day!

I love how it looks although just one problem... I can't do anything in the android version. The icon animations work but they don't work. I really hope this gets fixed. Other than that I love it!

For some reason the android version isn't working for me...

Thank you so much! Can't wait to play! Have a wonderful day!

Any chance you'll make this for Android?

I love this so much! Just wish there were more to do. Perhaps an update so that you can fuck her anywhere you'd like? Maybe even inflation? Just ideas. Either way, love it!