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Yeah, the running off-screen bug came up near the end and we didn't get a chance to fix it, but like you say it's a short game so it's not too damaging...

Thanks for playing! 

I really like the art and animations for this, very jovial to go along with a fun little rhythm game. Short, simple and sweet!

Fun little interactive space and some good gags!

This is adorable - lovely Roger Hargreaves illustration style and a jaunty tune!

Really enjoyed this! Great writing - the scene-setting was good, that workaday superhero feel is well-captured and I always had a pretty clear sense of geographical location. I felt quite nervous about rescuing that kid, too! I also really liked the non-linear aspect to it, with the multiple entry-points and objectives, very cleverly done!

Phenomenal! Pitch-perfect aesthetic with the combination of VHS menus, visual and audio glitching and 2D spaceship mechanics. Easy to understand, fun to master and a group of simple elements that escalate the difficulty when combined.

This is great! Lovely intro comic, funny prop choices (that hat and those ropey looking parasols are brilliant choices) and most importantly a clever mechanic - using the shadows in a 3D world to judge where things are going to fall. I could definitely play a lot more of this!

Very nicely put together. This has the makings of a cool clicker game!

This has a really satisfying yet gentle feedback loop - enjoy the nice visuals, take your time making things look even lovelier and then get your feedback and the aim for the next one. I never managed to get more than 52%, but that's art!

This is a great idea presented with lots of character (lovely menus, world-building, cute robots etc) - you could probably polish this up and sell it as a mobile game and do very well!

This is a great idea and really fun to play - the UI is nice and intuitive. I'd love to see a more fleshed out version of this - really cool!

Oh my god, this was hilarious and terrifying.

Scored 12300! This is great - lovely presentation all round, loved the face creator (similar face!) and the game is simple yet addictive. I honestly could have played for a lot longer! This is a perfect little game.

Hilarious 90's Cool Spot/ToeJam & Earl style presentation and a nice little arcade game to boot. I got 1700 score!

Really sharp, both in its presentation and satire. I enjoyed the growing realisation of who you're playing and their outlook on the world. Very slick!

This is lovely, very atmospheric. It's a great feeling when you change something and suddenly the entity spreads out around you.

I like the mechanics here, especially with the chance to recover your errant data cells, and the presentation is nice and clean. Good stuff!

This was hilarious, a really nice mix of styles and a short, sweet joke. Love the conspiracy theorists!

This is really evocative and polished. I love the feeling that you're out of your depth, especially when you suddenly dip into a dune and lose sight of everything. The relief when you see some pylons or a sign in the distance is palpable. Plus the handling makes it feel like you're boozed or drugged up, kind of heading out into the desert to die. The missing burnout of the title is you.

Great to see you progress so far since your last jam game - tighter design all round, looks and sounds even better. Loved the webcam and all the other little touches, and the puzzle and eogb were pitched just right!

This is really good! Great storytelling, humour, visuals and sound, all using minimal details. Loved it!

Excellent action/puzzle mechanic and the mix of music and sprites works really well to balance the feel of action vs silliness too. A really solid game!

This looks, sounds and feels really sharp, as with your previous games. I really enjoyed destroying Dot Gobbler!

This is gorgeous, love your art and characterisation as always, and the mechanics are tantalisingly fun - MORE please!

This was really funny and just at the right difficulty (except making shout the goddamn Enter key) - I loved the Monty Python-esque feel to it, especially the dying-butler noise which sounds very Terry Jones!

This is great! Simple addictive mechanic and funny concept, lots of detail and nice touches. Love all the in-jokes and audio clips!

This is hilarious and really well-presented! The splash screen, the credits screen, the sound effects, the power-pill effects and of course the music - all so good and work really well with this weird main character.

This looks and sounds really nice, and it's a cool idea. I got within inches of the flag but the character handling was just a little too tough for me to finish it!

Nice crisp visual design! I wonder if it's possible to ever pick up enough spice...

Very interesting take on the title - it's cool to see all the different interpretations!

A simple but fun idea wrapped in a setting that cleverly offers diegetic rewards, The only problem I had was that sometimes the font on the tapes made the numbers hard to distinguish.

This was my first ever clicker (or whatever they're called) and the genre is as inexplicably boring as I expected - but that's not your problem, it's mine!

The dynamic presentation is great - enough movement and neon to suggest overwhelming without actually doing it - and the artwork is really cute. The endless runner is also really solid and fun!

This looks really nice, and it's a cool idea with a nice story! I just brute forced my way through it, though - perhaps audio and/or visual feedback for what key presses the player is making would help?

This is so cool! The VHS toy ad aesthetics, the advisor bai, his quips, the battery flap when the T-Rex dies, all so good. I really enjoyed the platforming as well, I could play a whole game of this! Only negative is that there wasn't really any fighting tactics that I could tell - just stand and hammer the punch key (and maybe jump out of the way once or twice).

This was hilarious, especially the voice-acting! Also looked really nice and the ghosts were fucking terrifying. The inventory system felt a little weird - I was never sure if I was missing out on stuff because I had things equipped or if I was clicking on the wrong button.

Great little vignette, lovely sense of drama and pacing!

So cute!

Full of character, and the physics of sucking up stuff is really satisfying!

I'm probably being a philistine for wanting it to be more 'gamey' but I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more of there was some element of timing or of choosing which pieces to go for...

This really captures that early Id Software feel and tone well - love the music and the avatar especially! Good to have an EOGB, though I probably could have done with a bit less of the Wolfenstein-style box maze to get there!