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Fantastic, from the hip narrative presentation to the fun voice-acting (hipster clown!) and impressive level of incidental detail. The ending was lovely, too.

Really cute and good fun - has that 'putting out fires' aspect of all good match-3s!

Fantastic! Really confident and effective storytelling with a cumulative tension. Nice visuals and writing, too.

This is absolutely beautiful - the directed opening moments, the music, the animation and of course the visuals. So atmospheric, I really want to spend longer in the castle! I'd love to see you expand it out, lower the difficulty and have some Hellboy-style backstory to discover!

Very cool idea and a fun control scheme that takes a little while to master but then is very satisfying as you coax your squid around the level. Nice choice of thought memes too!

Very cool 90s hackspace vibe!

The presentation on this is just superb. Lovely art, music, characterisation, seasons passing, title screen, lots of little touches. All the conversation choices are great, too!

I also checked out your site https://bigbadspanish.com and also loved that!

I really like the Ridley Scott's Alien UI vibe!

A really funny idea, well executed, with lots of attention to detail (I love the bespoke graphics settings, the company title card, the meat descriptions)!

Looks gorgeous!

I enjoyed the idea and the presentation of this - the vaping and selfying mechanics and props are great. Unfortunately, I just could not control it very well!

Very funny and well-observed!

Good stuff! Packed full of interactables and little red herrings, and I enjoyed the ending!

I really liked the character of this - the cute turtle and music, and the mix of enemies!

I really liked the aesthetics, concept and scope of this game! I found it quite difficult and confusing, though - I think some stuff could have done with simplifying down (e.g. why have the J and K buttons at all?) and labelling (I had no idea what was going on in the battle mode even with the instructions screen - having the enemy cannon/tower green and yours purple is one thing that might have helped).

This is a cute little roguelike! It's a bit barebones at the mo - needs more audio/visual feedback and structure - but the look function and last-known-position mechanics were satisfying and tense.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Not sure what you mean by highlighting - currently the way Cwine works is that every clickable is highlighted orangey. If you hover over one, it should show its usual colours while the rest remain highlighted. Then when you click on one, they all de-highlight (or disappear if they're certain word balloons).

This was really interesting! I found it tough, but in a kind of Telltale way where a millisecond after I send a bag past I realise I should have detonated it. I also liked the writing and the fact that the bags could knock into each other!

This is gorgeous, cute and funny. Glad I played it a second time - I almost missed the candle and puddle!

Can't wait for the sequel!