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Oh hey, buddy!  Thanks for the complements!  No, it took me a week to make.  Before releasing my first game, I've been trying to make games with Unity for a few years.  I have a whole graveyard of unfinished projects, and they are the reason why I can make games like this. 

Currently not working on a third game, but I will begin that quickly, possible in the next week.  I'd love to make something I can enjoy as well, so it might not be a horror one.

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It's funny seeing my games appear side by side on the main page.  And I have to thank you guys for that.

It isn't.  There are few spots you can walk into to trigger the "running up/down the stairs" sound.  And then there's a timer, 13 seconds I think? that shuts off all lights after the sound.  Plus the meat thing only appears once you have flashlight.

Yeah, it was quite hard to find your way around if you didn't grab the flashlight in the beginning.  And thank you for your video!  Oh, it's Chinese.

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Thank you for not minding the length of it!  Cheers, pal!  The letter opened served no purpose, but the "hammer" was a badly modeled flashlight.

Thank you for your video, buddy!  Cheers!

I'm glad you liked it!  Thank you for your video!

Thank you so much for your video!  And nice edits, too, hahahah.  Cheers, pal!

Cheers, pal!  And thank you for your video!

Quite impressive!  With better RNG, I think you can get it down to 0:59.

It was meant to be hard, but the blinds are there to help you.  Hugging the wall can also make you see better.  I'm sorry if it was too hard.

B-but this is a horror video game..  Like all characters in a horror film, only the worst decisions are allowed.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And thank you so much for the video!

Thanks for dealing with the controls, then!  And thank you so much for your video!

Feedback like this is what keeps me going, it makes what I do meaningful.  Thank you so much, pal!

Many thanks, buddy!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And it's great to see a returning fan!

Thanks for your kind words, pal!  This is all I ever wanted to hear from a fan.  I would love to make press kits in the future!  And if I have it in me, a trailer too!  Thanks again, OfficerWang!


I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And new game is out!

Hahahaha!  And you know what they say, the journey along is what matters.

I'm flattered!  Thank you for your kind words and your video!

That's the ambiguity I went for!  And thank you for your video!

Let them know, tell them it takes about five minutes.

That's all I wanted to hear!  Thank you.

Cheers, pal!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And thank you for the video!

Probably won't be a full game.  But new ones are coming out!  Thank you so much for your video!

Yep, stay safe out there, bud!  Thank you for your video!

Or perhaps the forest is your home?

Cheers, pal!  Thank you for your video!

You can run, but ya can't hide...

Thank you for playing my game!  New game is out, and it's about getting caught in the dark... dare to give it a try?

I'm glad you enjoyed it, pal!  Thank you.

Thank you so much!

Obrigado pelo seu vídeo! E fico feliz que tenha gostado.

B-but my tasty sandwich!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And thank you for your video!

I'm glad you enjoyed it then!  Thank you for your video!

I'd love to expand the ability to explore in future titles!  Thank you for your video!

And guess what, new one is out!  Thank you for your support and your video!

Well, whatddya know, new game is out; also a short one.  And thank you for your video!

Cheers, pal.  I'm glad you enjoyed this short little game.