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Funny Game

nice work

great tennis physiks

Great fencing simulator on oculus quest

interesting game, but jumping is a little bit tricky

nice, but the sword physik is a bit buggy. no good feeling by hitting the titans

very interesting Game ;)

nice idea, but too buggy now

interesting, but not easy to handle

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not playable on oculus quest

Great Game, but its not tricky enough, i think. 

Great Game but too short

A little bitbuggy i think, but it´s ok

Great Game

very good first try. 

hope for more

You need better bots ;)

Great Revival, but a little bit Buggy on Oculus Quest

Very Great Game for Training in Corona


Funny Game

The Hunting Season VR community · Created a new topic tada

a little bit buggy

Great Game

Great, Thump Up

Wanne Play Zelda LTTP in VR

very great game

Deisim community · Created a new topic great game

very great game

Good Game 3of5

great Game *****


Great Game

Thanks for this Experience

great Game, Thanks

How I Play it on Oculus Quest

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How I Play Attack on Titan on Oculus Quest

Ok, i wanna try it at the weekend. the greatest problem is my bad english :D

Great Game, but its really tricky on Oculus Quest to cut the targets.