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Awesome, glad you had fun :) 

Thanks a lot, I was wondering if someone was going to mention Reigns :) I'm looking forward to adding more stuff and doing further balancing, so I hope you'll check for updates.

First off, epic music choice - really pumps you up for battle! I can see the potential in this game, but it just needs a few more things to make it great. If you don't mind, I have a couple of suggestions:

First, there is no incentive to stop firing. Maybe you need some kind of resources that regenerate to fill your "fire bar", requiring the player to move around and collect them. Secondly, it gets impossible at around 60,000 points, but I'm sure you know that. A leveling up system, or some kind of tower defense style turrets for you to put up could give the player more power as the game gets harder.

The last idea is to have some kind of system for powering up the eggs. Maybe allow the player to take the eggs out of the nest, which would make them more vulnerable, but allow them to grow faster. Potentially, the more you allow an egg to grow, the more powerful of a dragon you regenerate as, or something like that. Glad to see you are carrying on with it - I'll definitely play it again once it's had some more work done :)

Very nice - loved the aesthetics and choice of atmospheric sounds. The main character has cool design, and the other versions all felt distinctive, although I wasn't quite sure what the water shooting was for.

I will say that the last level is a little confusing, and maybe could have used some kind of mini-map, and the fact that some enemies can wipe out your whole health bar in one go is frustrating, as it can set you back by quite a bit, but overall really promising. The fact that you manages to make those large levels in the time limit is really impressive!

Love the choice of music, and the fact that the baby bops his head along to it :) I like the tutorial messages, and found the fart boost mechanic to be fun - would like to see it used in more difficult platforming sections, maybe with collectibles to hit in mid-air that would refill your boost and require another mid-air fart.

My only real complaint is the control scheme - maybe move some of the actions to the other hand? However, being able to drink / smoke / stroke a cat while playing is quite nice ;)

Thanks, I appreciate it :) Yeah, there's obviously some symbolism in the color scheme, but the time restriction played a part in that choice, too ;)

Thanks! Even though it all works, I still want to go back and add more, including more ending animals that unlock under special conditions (such as the Magpie - that will be earned by hoarding inventory items).