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That was fun! Tried the different routes, favourite line is "... we should be getting back to work, thanks for explaining the meme to me.." which is about as cursed a sentence as is possible. Poor Karen.

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Brechtian post-horror parable on the terror of being observed. The people are happy to see you, but the duck gets mad. 'Leave me alone, duck!' you cry, when you were the initiator, so by trades, the aggressor. You did this to yourself.

Thus the conflict of man against self is made manifest solely in the presence of the Other. The duck moves offscreen. Your blood runs cold.

Who are you, now you are alone?

Yes, obviously it's a perfect game, but is the human cost worth it?

Hey there, I don't know if it's happening for anyone else, but this update seems to have broken the top rows of nonagram hints? It's a different amount of rows each game, but always the top few. Tried relaunching a few times. (Thanks for continuing to provide updates btw, it's a really addictive game)