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Tim Greller

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Great game :)

Great UI/UX, feels very polished!

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cute little game <3 I like the idea of having your life, job and even a game in a game glued together like this :)

Lol we had the same idea for the movement xD

Well done, I really like the art :) The controls feel a bit weird because on my keyboard layout the Z and Y are flipped; would be great to be able to steer it with arrow keys as well for example.

Didn’t expect to see a chess game here :D

Great job, I love the idea of the two choices in a limited time period!

Love the idea! And the sound effects, screen shake, etc. make it really satisfying to play.

Now I just need someone else to play against me :(

hehe this game’s really fun :)

Woa, great game! I love the atmosphere this game creates with sound and minimalistic graphics.

Just a note to anyone with no US keyboard: The keys might be different, for me the Y is actually a Z.

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When you go to the past, you are able to change things that later influence the level in the present and help you finish it. But you can’t finish the level in the past, so in order to go through the yellow portal, you need to be back in the present again.
And about the trees: You can place them at different spots, but you don’t need to do that in order to finish the game as we haven’t fully implemented the obstacle you were supposed to block with the trees.

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Great game! I personally really enjoyed the idea of reverting everything my past self has done.

The story, dialog, graphics and music turned out awesome and it all fits nicely together, good job!

I can only give 4 out of 5 stars though, because you can’t pet Snowflake :(

Sad that he did not understand the meaning behind it and ended it pretty fast, even though he is known for exploring every detail of a game normally. 

(German Let's Play:)

but it's extremely uncomfortable to play with a Qwertz-keyboard... Could you add an option to change the keys? 

The game is available for free - and that's a great price!