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It is due to issues with displaying the text not translation, It will take more time for me to understand and find a solution so that all text in all supported languages can be displayed correctly in the game, unfortunately at the moment attempting to add support for Korean characters breaks support for Chinese and Japanese.   

Unfortunately Korean cannot be added at this time due to some problems. I will attempt to fix these problems but a Korean translation will not be available any time soon, Sorry to give this bad news.

A Linux port will be created within the coming months once more content has been released

Youtube videos reposted after switch from discussion board to comments



-Knight in Shining Llama
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The two endings having the same number is a bug that will be fixed soon, Thanks for finding this.
As for the endings, *SPOILERS AHEAD* 1.Get gas, 2.Forest, 3.Taxi, 4.Run from taxi to car, 5.Go backwards/Past gas, 6.Answer the phone, 7.Hit the van

The second cartridge is now in development

Talk here!

If you made a video about the game post the link here. Thanks for the support!

Fun game. Can't wait to play the next case

Thank you for the kind words and sorry about the game glitching, I will look into making it more stable as that section is definetly quite the bodge job.

Thanks for making a video. glad you enjoyed

thanks for making the video. the game is light in the horror but still had the spooky atmopshere. I plan to add more horror like elements but as the description says dont expect monsters or jumpscares

thanks for playing and making a video

Great hope you enjoy

Thanks to your lets play I've now updated the game to make things easier for players to understand.

thanks for playing. im gonna enjoy watching your video, yes i do need to work to make it clearer to players that they can only view the past and not interact with it, your physical body remains in the present.

thanks for the feedback. I'll work on adding more spooky elements but as description says don't expect any monsters or jumpscares.

Hay i've just made a Walkthrough. the link is in the games description. thanks for playing and sorry you can stuck. please do tell me at what parts you get stuck with the game. thanks

It's the ability to view the past, not go to the past, but thanks i'll work on making it clearer you can not interact with the past view.