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Nice!! Thank you too ;)

You’re welcome buddy :)

These are really nice! Are you thinking into adding some of the redstone components such as a floor lever, pistons, repeaters, torchs, dust, etc?

Hi Sam, I really like your art, I'm wondering if this pack also contains tiles for making an overworld with grass and plants?

Thank you! <3

Very nice and challenging game! Made me smile a lot ❤

Hi, the video is marked private!

Also could you provide the licence files so I can attribute correctly? Thank you :)

It looks amazing! I would suggest to upload different file size options for people with less connectivity

Yeah, just mention my itch page and you're good :)

Thank you!

Thank you! I'll be uploading an update soon today :)

Wow this remainds me of a minigame from Taptitude! Really cool

Yes you can, make sure to credit my itch page to follow the license terms, have fun!

I don't have any backgrounds yet, hopefully tonight I can make some!

I can make them part of the bundle, as a separate file, does that work for you?

CC3-BY, You can use it in a commercial project, just credit my itch page :)

Thank you!

I'm learning Unity actually 😁

Thank you!