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Aww don't mention it >w<!!  I'm really glad you liked it and it makes you happy :) ^^!! 

Hi! it's me again, I finished drawing a fan art of your game but for some reason I can't upload it here ^^;;;... anyways if you'd like to see it I have the link here :), I hope it works ^^;

Hehe thanks ^^ :3, and don't mention it :D!! you deserve it ^w^!

I finished with getting all the endings just now, and I can just say that it was a really cool and amusing experience :D! I enjoyed reading the story and getting to know the characters, also had fun choosing different options for different endings and stuff, really beautiful story, art and everything in general :).

You're more than welcome >w< <3!

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Such a beautiful and heart-warming game ^^!, cute drawings and nice soundtrack too :) ^^, I really loved playing it :D, amazing job ^w^!!

Really cool and beautiful game ^^! I really got into the story and enjoyed playing it from the very beginning to the end :D, wonderful job ^w^!

Ohh, glad to hear so :D, then I'll draw something soon ^w^ :D

Don't mention it :D! ^^! also, if you don't mind may I draw some fan art someday...? I really liked the game and the characters :)

I just finished the game and omg it's amazing :D, I loved the story and the game itself ^w^! really beautiful work :)!!