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no up and down right now ... would they be any use to you?

my pleasure :)

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I can be ... send me a message or take a look at my patreon 

please take a look at my Patreon

sorry, no

I`ve got you covered there :)


thanks. I will look into it.

something like this ?

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I am always looking for new ideas.... So now I have to think of another type of alien :)

thanks :)

someone has clearly watched the indy movies ... well done :)

   level.GetSharedTilemaps().Find(x => == "Walls").gameObject.layer = 17;

great.... thank you

I am getting so close to being able to port my existing game over to this amazing dungeon generator now. 

One issue I am having.

the dungeon generator creats a Generated Level at runtime but all of the tilemaps are on the default Unity Layer. I am using A* pathfinding which needs everything on separate layers. 

where can I make an edit to place the different tilemaps onto different layers?

many thanks

thanks for all of your help. creating a clean project and importing the asset works. I must have something strange in my existing project

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I am using Unity 2019.4.15f1

the new code gives me a new error.

rgumentException: No shape of the room Edgar.GraphBasedGenerator.Common.RoomNode`1[Edgar.Unity.RoomBase] could be connected to its neighbors. This usually happens if there are pairs of shapes that cannot be connected together in any way (either directly or via corridors). (The mentioned room may not correspond to the actual room as custom types are often mapped to integers to make the computation faster.)
Edgar.GraphBasedGenerator.Common.LayoutController`5[TLayout,TNode,TConfiguration,TShapeContainer,TEnergyData].AddNodeGreedily (TLayout layout, TNode node, System.Int32& iterationsCount) (at <52d877296fbf43209c7081a55723a5a2>:0)

well I have deleted the folder and re-imported . no change. the mini-map example works fine, including FOW but the gungeon example keeps giving timeout

I havent changed anything at all. I will delete the package and re-import it again.

thanks for a great level generator. I have started making my game with a very basic level generator and I really wanted to try out the EnterTheGungeon style generator. the basic examples are working fine  but others  I get a timeout error every time. 

example1 works - example2 works - minimap example works - fogofwar example works - platformer3 works   

gungeon does not work - platformer1 does not work

deadcell not sure as i have not set up the extra parts for it