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now with player damage and death . 

I have had some feedback from the 2 people who have so far played the demo. and I have made a few tweaks and fixes. Sound is becoming an important part of the game so we now have multiple bits of audio running through the game (the main background audio isnt really right but it is a decent placeholder).

the explosive entrance to the game has been given the drama it deserves with added feedback to the player.

the player can now take damage and heal (the heling part will be improved later). He can also die but be careful because once dead, the game simply stops :)

please give me some feedback so I can continue to improve and expand the game 

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this is the first ever build of my current WIP . as you can see, the outlines on pickups are not working  properly ... i will try to fix it ... any other comments , please let me know 

I have uploaded the full working folder for the archer character . there are aseprite attack files in there for all directions but unfortunately, I no longer have access to aseprite to take it any further

These are amazing .... please do more zombies next :)

if there were a couple more different zombies i would definitely buy this . with just 1 zombie i am not so sure.

simply awesome :)

this is amazing :) thanks so much!


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I have just added a new download with attack up and down and idle up/down animations

cozy town does

the animals have 4 directional movement

thanks . Shop system is now ready too

I hope its ok to share a little video of what I have been doing with the Cozy Farm assets.

CozyFarm Game Preview

Hi, I have purchased 3 of your packs and I am sure I will be purchasing the rest as my game develops. 

Thanks for these perfect "cozy" assets .

I really need "Cozy caves"  , is there any chance this may happen ?

thanks again!!

the pre-made animations all have guns but with the Aseprite files you can export every character without a gun :)


I love these assets but I have a problem... the sand/grass mix in this pack does not match up with the grass in the other packs . specifically, I can not use this with spring or summer grass in the farm pack.

all characters are right facing . can be inverted for left facing

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Taller , Slimmer , Greener

does anyone want to see his green clothed brother?

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the spritesheet is as follows:

move right

move up/right

move up

move up/left

move left

move down/left

move down

move down/right

idle right

hurt right

die right

attack right

attack up

attack down

idle up

idle down

hi. Sorry. I obviously forgot to add the .png files. I have uploaded a new version with the .pngs

Hi. I needed to check this as I dont remember which animations I made. Currrently he only shoots right . I will update him to shoot in all 8 directions. This will be an update which will be available to everyone who has previously purchased this pack or the 8 directional character bundle.

thanks for showing interest.

I have houses and castles ... where would I find shops ?

many thanks

please test it and let me know any problems you see :)

thanks. more features are on their way :)

hi, you can create the soldiers without weapons and use the weapons separately. If you know what you are doing you can rotate them :)

no up and down right now ... would they be any use to you?

my pleasure :)

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I can be ... send me a message or take a look at my patreon 

please take a look at my Patreon

sorry, no

I`ve got you covered there :)


thanks. I will look into it.

something like this ?

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I am always looking for new ideas.... So now I have to think of another type of alien :)

thanks :)

someone has clearly watched the indy movies ... well done :)

   level.GetSharedTilemaps().Find(x => == "Walls").gameObject.layer = 17;

great.... thank you

I am getting so close to being able to port my existing game over to this amazing dungeon generator now. 

One issue I am having.

the dungeon generator creats a Generated Level at runtime but all of the tilemaps are on the default Unity Layer. I am using A* pathfinding which needs everything on separate layers. 

where can I make an edit to place the different tilemaps onto different layers?

many thanks

thanks for all of your help. creating a clean project and importing the asset works. I must have something strange in my existing project