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I still have auto museum 64 installed, and visit it semi regularly. This kind of preserved time capsule of digital artefacts is a unique thing, and I’d personally love to see more. I believe it was fairly popular too :) 

I was too scared to finish it, but what I did play was excellent.

just an option to play the campaign through - all the “normal” versions of the levels without the horror levels - would be great :)

Would love to see the "normal" parts fleshed out into a fully fledged game - that's a solid retro shooter right there. The horror bit fell flat IMO, but I think part of that feeling was just disappointment as I was enjoying the regular game so much.

I believe it requires 7Zip to extract, as it was compressed with “Ultra” compression. I don’t think Windows can handle those by default.

0.313 :(

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Absolutely fantastic. A truly unique idea, and one I hope that is repeated for other consoles and genres. Being able to admire these objects from my favourite game genre on my favourite console, up close, in my own time is pure joy. 

It's also very cool to understand the scale of these vehicles - seeing the Hydro Thunder hovercraft next to the GT 64 cars, Wipeout racers and Xtreme G bikes in the shadow of the Monster Madness trucks is a really unique experience. 

I can't express how happy this makes me, and the "how models are extracted" board is an excellent additional touch. If you make any more of these, or even inspire others to do the same, there will be a very grateful audience!

Thank you :)

Ps. Is there a way to donate or make a token gesture of appreciation?