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Not a single company on this planet can give you the ability to be the killer in a horror game, yet still scare the crap out of you. Puppet Combo you guys scare the crap out of me every time i touch your games... truly amazing

I made my first ever video on this games and absolutely loved it!!! 

This was so trippy and really great game! i got the shit scared out of me and I even made a video on it too!! Loved the game, cant wait to see what you cone out with next.

Dear Puppet combo. i have been watching your company create games for a while now and have loved watching different youtubers react to; and play your games. I cant express how scary your games are to me and honestly I think you make some of the most atmospheric horror games on the market! Please never stop making games.. I love them to bits.. even if i get terrified every time.

Hey about to download your game, cant wait to give it a go, also just wanted to ask how you made this and was it hard?