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I really like this VN the. The protagonist is strong and each of the routes stories are compelling. I cant decide which is my favorite they all have something I like a lot. The art style is also beautiful and amazing to look at.

Out of curiosity are steamy scenes only for patreon? Or are there any in the first version?

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I'm still checking in on this game so I havent given up. I cant wait until u finish the game

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I really love it so far. The graphics are wonderful. When I can I will definitely become a patreon.

So irritating darktoz you left me hanging with the ending of chapter 3. Any ways how many chapters are you doing with dark elves game. Just curious.

I love the game so far mouse is funny while jess is the voice of reasoning. i would love for this game to be continued

I also appreciate your updates too. Is kind of frustrating not knowing if the creator or creators will finish the an interesting creation. Even though there are kinks to work out your VN game already seems to peak my curiosity and others. I hope u or ur team(if it's more than two people) dont feel rushed or pressured by what I say because beautiful and amazing work of art and an amazing story takes time to develop. Thank u for the update and for a new VN game to look forward to.

Love it so far

I would buy all of your stuff if I had more money. But right now i have to pick the ones I would be interested the most

I'm happy to hear that it's not dead. I really do love your work.

I like it so far

I love all of the characters

I can handle it I think. As long as it has an addictive story line.

no idea

Yuda and Tamara are funny when they argue with each other it is like they are siblings. Yuda being the annoying older brother.

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I am so excited for this otome. I played the legend of the winged ones I really liked it. So i looked for more made by you and found this which caught my attention. I too dont like sad/bad endings but try to get them for a cg or achievement. Thats why i liked the legend of the winged ones so much yes there was one bad ending for the three guy but there was also a normal, and happy ending

i will wait until its finished i get to impatient wjen im left hanging

im just checking in too to see how its going 

i really like the games you and the rest of your team has made from this game and divide, which are the ones i have played so far

All For You community · Created a new topic Hey

When are u going to release thid

i want to check it out as well but i need zip file