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Even if you get the files to download, you won’t be able to play them because the files with the apple logo are for Macs. But if you are trying to download it on Mac just wait a minute to let the download start. 

This is the pick me up I needed today. Depression has been hitting me hard today. Thanks to the creators for making this.

Thanks I’ll try it when I play the game again. 

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This game is amazing and I love the new characters. I did find a glitch. I’m not sure if it’s only mobile( I’m playing it on an iPhone using safari) but when meeting the new characters to fight. It would glow like you selected the gem you want to move but it won’t move it. To fix it I just closed and reloaded the game and it was fixed and I just had to restart the match. 

It says that because, it’s an app that didn’t come from the play store.