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Tiger Mousse

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I have finished the game when it was released as Summer found me and loved it. It was nice playing it again. Though I miss CG from the original. If you will find it possible to redraw them it wood be fantastic.Thank tou for the game!

It's a very nice little game, I've enjoyed getting all the endings :)

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It was an interesting experience. I'd love to learn more about this dystopian world

Thank you very much! Spoilers are OK, because I've finished the game getting every one of the endings.

Hi! I want to say, that I absolutely loved the game. But I didn't quite undrestand the last ending. What really happend to them? 

The game is absolutely beautiful, but too bad that the payer can't understand nor what is going on nor what has to be done. Your english translation is a bit vague here, but I'm looking forward for a longer version. Good luck!