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I still love Post/Capitalism.

You're a cool person.  Keep it up comrade.

Children can never be raised in a family because of one and very simple human emotion called greed.  Children could only exist if we were emotionless, so I guess our species will quietly die out now.

Seriously though, there is a lot to humans, don't underestimate us.  And insisting that our entire system be based on one single and pretty negative aspect of our characters, even if you think that aspect is immutable, is kinda sociopathic.

Mac version plox

Wow, this is amazing.  Thanks for this.

This was kind of hilarious.  A lot of the dialogue doesn't match the name of who is talking, but I love the atypical approach it takes to the genre.  Keep it up.

I love the concept, its super cool.  Doesn't run well enough on my comp to actually play the runner well, but this is a really great idea.

Really cool concept.  Would love to see it expanded upon.

Very cool aesthetic.  I'm always sad that games like these never get expanded into their full potential.

Great game.  Expanded this could be a full FTL sized game on its own.

Gingko trees can be seen at temples all across Japan.  They're traditionally planted there to help protect the temple from fires, since they don't burn easily.

Oh wow, thanks for that.  I actually opened that readme file but didn't read it thoroughly as it just seemed to be saying the standard thing about getting around the MacOS firewall or whatever to get the thing to launch.  I'm definitely used to having to go into the Package Contents to get stuff to launch as well, but I've never had to do it before for a game that already launches just fine.  Crazy.  Thanks again!

Mac version launches but only the "exit" button seems to be functional.  Even the credits button does nothing.  Running 10.14

Not bad, love that you're continuing with this.

I do feel that this version would benefit from some sort of leveling-up mechanic, to make it feel a little less repetitive when you have to start over.

Ah, well that explains it. :(

Cute, you should expand this further.

My god, this is too adorable.

Bleh, I avoid Steam.  Seriously though, this is the only game I've come across that only accepts Paypal and not Stripe too.  Are you sure there's not a checkbox or something you can click?

Love it, excellent idea for a game, very cut execution.  Pinball is a bit wonky, not super realistic so its hard to aim, but the uniqueness makes up for it.

I was thinking this was a cute take on a slot machine until I hit the triple $$$ and nothing happened. :/

A cute way to make what otherwise would be a pretty boring minigame collection very compelling.  I admire your cleverness.

Great idea, very fun.  Keep it up.

Very cute.  I liked the part with the tiger.

The emerald was cool too.  But Dr. Langeskock can go to hell. >:(

Good game, lots of fun.  Plenty of potential to expand it.  Even just collecting the clothes makes you want to keep grinding.

Why can't I buy this with Stripe?

Mac version plox

Dark, difficult, and confusing.  The true Dark Souls of video games.

Yup.  I relate to these feelings.

The dragging part was confusing.

Very cute, excellent aesthetic.  Wish there was more to it.

Interesting, but maybe too simple.

Slow, repetitive, and not very sexy.  Probably a pretty accurate simulation of being a cam girl.

Ah thanks for that, there's no problems once I can get into the menu and change the resolution from the settings.

But this game is amazing!  Love the setting, style, storytelling, and SMT influence.  And a really unique take on typing combat; never gets boring while still rewarding faster typing speeds.  I really hope you're able to complete it one day.  This seriously has the potential to be the next VA-11.

Very cute, but rather too easy.  Could stand to be a bit grittier with harsher consequences.

Trying to play the Mac version, but the left side is too cut off to get anywhere.

That one mechanic of saying all things you would normally say while wanting to say "i cheated on you" makes this game so raw and real.  God damn.

This is great.  A simple way to teach these concepts, yet still sophisticated enough to show how there are multiple layers and everything is connected.  Really shows how hard it is to make radical changes.

Also, very nice graphical style.