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Håkan Edling

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Link’s not working for me?

Yeah, that would be fun! Who can set it up?

Classic Zelda Jam community · Created a new topic Setting

Any specific setting or could it be set in the future. Also what visual limitations is there to make it a classic Zelda game?

I use Unity for development. Let’s say I own a couple of asset packs (paid) from the unity store with models for creating background buildings, can I use this, or are only free assets allowed?

If you’d win your game would be good and get a lot of traffic. After the jam closes put a small prize for your game and try to monetize on the good reviews and free marketing you will have received ;)

Well since there’s  unfortunately like 10 composers available for every game made I think you should go for original stuff :) If you cant find someone here post a request on reddit gamedevclassifieds!

Since this is my first game jam, and I couldn't find the info anywhere. Does everybody in the team need to join if you're several people working together or is it enough that just one person joins to submit the game?