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Wow😮, Well done on the level design! Happy to hear that the development is going forward. I'm really looking forward to the release of the game😉. my Sketchfab profile link can be found in my profile , I think you've commented on my tv remote model.

Hey man, how's the games development going? Just realized you commented on one of my models on Sketchfab and got curious to see what kind of game you're working on. Is there any playable demo available? or any teasers of the game?

Thank you man😁

That's the thing make the game harder (

Oh Thank you, I just noticed that 😯

Nice, it's more than my record 😁
Don't you have any problem with resolution ?

😁👌It's good now!

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There is no choice at the first stage🤔also some of the text is out of the window.

you have to increase the story window size.


Thank u man😁❤️,yes i had to set a key for restart,but when i started to create a menu i didn't have much time and i forgot some things,like this one and high score😁✌🏻

Thank you!😁❤️


It's much better than the games i created when i was 8,good job,continue!

You can do double Jump😬i forgot to write it in the game


Suggest themes for the next jams!

Nice graphics😍🤩

Oh.this is very good!i enjoyed it


Nice.i have never seen a drawing as beautiful as this.amazing😳😳🤯🤯


Congratulate . you Won😃





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thank you 😊yes, but i didn't have time to work on that😕may later



Nice Idea😉but have some bugs😕

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good job😉The game name is "faster-faster-fasterrrr" .But it moves slowly😕

🤯😵I got dizzy after playing,nice idea😉✌️

I cant find the game file in that zip file😬

nice at all😁



why that guy is a spy?🤔

there is no win