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Классная игра! Чувство что эта хрень вот вот дойдет до тебя не отпускает. Советую к прохождению!

Классная игруха, погрузился в атмосферу, всем советую!

Классная игра. Позабавила меня, это уже вторая игра от данного создателя, спасибо ему за это, желаю дальнейших успехов.

Very nice:)

Was pleasantly surprised by the game. Nice graphics, reminded me of the Silent Hill series. The plot is simple but interesting. Always loved games of this kind, so I played it with pleasure, thank you!

That was awesome! So many plot twists in one game, buzz. 

Классная и веселая игра с забавными отсылками, мне понравилась. Жду продолжение!

Oh how I love games made in this style! Short but interesting story, great atmosphere, nice graphics! Thank you very much for this game, I recommend it to everyone.

Great game! Prompts certain thoughts, thanks to the author.

Great game! Tried to complete all the endings, do they differ in letters at the end of the game?

That was awesome! Thanks

Awesome! I recommend everyone to check it out, it's a cool game

Great game! I'm very glad I played it, thanks a lot to the author!

Such a great game! Thank you for it. I want more games like this!

Great game! I love games with such graphics and story, thank you

Very very nice game! Great art, great concept. I'm extremely pleased with the walkthrough

Cool game

All 4 endings, nice!


Nice! What about third part?)

The very last sorter is just fire:D

Will there be a Shrek-style sequel?)))

Great, now we wait for the Elden Ring :D

I was scared of the car at first, but then ... :D

Great game! Only found two endings, how do I get the rest?


Fun game, I liked it

Awesome! Is there only one ending in this game?

The game is cool, there are some scary moments. It would be cool to animate the pictures themselves for more effect.

Awesome game, too bad the crate barricade didn't help:D

Nice, interesting idea.

I did not understand how to get the third ending (fall out of the textures counts??). And so the game is cool, graphics and setting are great, I recommend playing.

The story is quite interesting, the setting is great too, thanks for a game like this!

I love Junji Ito's work! I liked the game a lot, I wish I had more of these

Wow, there are more endings in there? I gotta play more!

The atmosphere is pretty creepy, I liked it

Great game! Kept me in suspense throughout. Interesting denouement. Highly recommended to play!

That's an interesting idea. Quite unusual mechanics

Great setting, interesting universe. Would love a continuation of the story in this universe

The atmosphere is unreal, I advise everyone to pass, suggest similar games