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Absolutely  a wonderful game. I'm currently studying computer science in university and the projects there were giving me psychological issues. Indeed, yesterday I was despondent about a project that I was simply too busy to start and was then urgently behind on. I was looking forward to playing Our Life after I was done but I simply could not get any work done. After two 4-hour blocks of playing, I was feeling much better and finished the project.

I love seeing how all the branches play out. It's like writing test cases for my programming class except actually fun. I love all the different ways the player's relationship with Cove can progress. I was initially apprehensive at the idea of basically being exclusive from day one, but it was very sweet to read, and I think it might be one of my favorite dynamics. The whole cast is very sweet as well. My childhood was nothing like this game, but I might dream of Sunset Bird in the future. It felt very warm and kind...just what I needed in the middle of all this messy 2020 business.

I only wish this game had more conflict...I know there are options to argue or disagree with Cove, but I must just be a sucker for tragedy because I wanted an option to break up with him or to grow distant from him, since it's something that, realistically, happens with people. Alas, also realistically, that would be a nightmare to code and I've been following development for a while, so I knew it wasn't going to happen :')

Anyway, beautiful game, beautiful soundtrack (it's always so calming and fitting!), beautiful art (I love how much detail was put into the color palettes for day, evening, and night backgrounds and even sprites...the evening is so beautiful. I could probably live in it). Love you guys <333

haaaaahh i first played this game when only neil's route and some of dimitri's route was released for non-patrons and i remember being so shook, like i was so convinced that a game coouldn't be sort of sexy and still be good but u PROVED ME WRONG!!! i was definitely still in high school at the time tho so im glad i didnt get deflowered by the patreon version LMAO anyway. at the time i remember quite liking neil's route but being sort of iffy about dimitri's because it just feels like you're taking advantage of him......also im not a huge fan of the MC in that one. ill get into this l8er.

ah, but then i saw this game in my feed again and it was like caine's route release and im like cool so i open it up and it's like 5'7" short king so i download the game IMMEDIATELY and start playing. stream short kings anthem. and boy caine's route did not disappoint!!! lowkey i thought that [spoilers] caine was gonna be the troll but i didnt knew u would actually DO IT?? when i said i screamed.....but anyway. i got the passionate ending because, idk, i guess i like the choices that have more spine. also total coincidence but i deadass named my boutique STARLIGHT without knowing anything that happened in caine's route can you believe??? yeah. caine's route was pretty amazing, probably my favorite. id top him so it's really too bad abt his profile, huh....but i guess you can't have everything.

then i saw dimitri's route was released and im like hmmmmmm.......i remember being iffy about this but it's there so i coooould play i DID and ugh. i really wanted to like his route bcs character-wise he's my fave like he's just so sweet....augh! also dimitri kotov sexiest name in the WHOLE game i feel VERY strongly about this. but hmm. i just felt like MC simultaneously had no spine yet also managed to take advantage of the poor boy?? first of all i strongly believe in people being adequately compensated for their work, so making dimitri cook and clean in addition to paying rent just didn't sit right with me......and also i feel like dimitri's crush on MC should've been a one-sided thing, since i feel like the MC from other routes wouldn't stop seeing dimitri as a little brother and would let him down kindly....and would also have more of a spine.....idk, she just feels like a different person in this route. and i guess she would have to be, since otherwise her and dimitri wouldn't have worked. i got the innocent ending for this because on god im not going to feel up someone who's 4 years younger than me, god...although irl i am 18 so idk how that works in my brain. but whatever. augh, i sort of wish i could play as someone other than MC, like a younger cousin or something, trying to tell this boy to get over a one-sided crush, but on the way we end up falling for that's drama i would like to see!! but that is extremely selfish lmao. lastly, chelsey having that meltdown felt really shoehorned, i wish she was treated more sympathetically.....because men ain't shit. fax. (but also alex getting a do-over might be interesting) ahhhh! i guess i just didn't like dimitri's route. the window cg was wonderful, though, and dimitri's probably my fave character-wise, what a sweetie.

oh, i remember something about chelsey now...i love how MC helped her in caine's route. i found that quite realistic and nice, and i love how sympathetically she was treated while also being held responsible for her actions. gahhhh i loved caine's route. i might replay it....whew! ok that's my feedback. i also really love the attention to detail like the animated sprites, and the gameplay was so cool too.....that's soooo many graphics, you're probably an amazing programmer! and when i got sorta good it was so satisfying to look at an outfit, buy everything at once, assemble it soooo quick and get it right on the first try ahaha

I really like the demo and concept! The characters are so fun, the soundtrack is well-selected, and the art is phenomenal.

One thing I noticed, however, is that the tense of the narration would change constantly. Mission reports, presumably written in past tense, often switch to present in the middle of a sentence. The narration itself, presumably written in present tense, often switches back to past. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine, but the game was very compelling nonetheless. I can't wait for the full release!

i felt this as well! i love tropes but these ones kind of killed it for me :/ excited for the game though!

this is such a fascinating concept! i love the art and futuristic vibe, too. one question: how do i get all the endings? i can only seem to get the middle one :/

Heyyyyy I went on a VN spree and oh my god. Wow! VN's are usually pretty hit or miss with me, but this one? wow. wow.

anyway, so what caught my attention at first was the UI.  it's the style matches the aesthetic of the actual backgrounds and even the credits.

also, the backgrounds???? yes god??? i know a lot of people like to put photos through a filter, which is pretty reasonable, but these backgrounds were so well done. the colors really popped.

now i just want to talk about the atmosphere, because wow's very aesthetically pleasing, and the effects (such as the cyclic blurring when you see the Cat) were such nice touches, and they didn't feel overbearing at all. the aesthetic doesn't just function as something pretty (although i can appreciate that, haha), but it really helps set the tone as well. the art and and the storybook thing for the play and the sound effects + definitions (and words in red...) come to mind. also the dramatic character portraits with chromatic aberration (so cool). anyway, i like that the aesthetic functions as a tool and not an accessory.

the writing was pretty nice too. i can't think of many other examples off the top of my head, but i do remember one: when Alison was stuttering, she didn't i-in my s-seventh grade f-fanfics..... but she repeated herself, which is another fresh, funky touch that i loved.

the one issue i had was with the save/load system and some of the buttons getting cut off (i think another comment mentioned that, though). anyway about the save/load thing, it always defaults to page 1, and the arrow buttons are kind of small. i'd have preferred it to default to the most recently accessed page, but it's nbd since i got used to it pretty quickly.

anyways, super excited for this game! see yall in 2020!

oh my god there was an actual ace attorney reference im in love

this is such a nice game! the dialogue was really funny also gay asian representation? god has blessed me

and uhhh are these ace attorney sound effects because i played the games for like 2 years and they would reeeally similar