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Zane's route is one of my favorite things ever. I probably replay his route every year LOL I love him and Mira together they're so funny

Hiiii I know Aalam's proposal was like weird or whatever but I love him with Terra so much and I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses!!! I also like how each route has its own political implications and plotline.

vriska is in here 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

guys do you have an update on when the full game will be released :( i miss you ;((

wow, that was insane. i want to go out and meet people now, that was crazy. there's so much so hopefully this is coherent.

1. Which character did you like best?

i think at the moment, Robin, just because he got so many scenes because his is the only route out right? but i love all the characters soso much, including Maya and Faye...girlbosses am i right....Nico also stood out to me for his ~spicy personality~ etc. but i really did love alllll the characters.

also idk if this is related, but i really liked how...well. feminine? the men were allowed to be without being weird about their sexualities/masculinity/etc. like yes robin is a princess <3 no further questions.

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?

no....i'm going to go back after typing this comment and follow the

3. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?

everything was great! but if i had to add anything, i sort of wish we saw more of Faye? her influencing the story more or something. i love her

4. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!

i havent played visual novels in a LONG while; i've mostly been playing interactive fiction (so no visuals basically) and the total of the effects really hit me like a truck. The UI (the POV label especially was super cute), the...microexpressions? with the so good. I MISSED IT!!

lastly...well this is unhelpful and i also hope you guys are not homophobic? i'm going to assume no since you pulled some sound effects from Ace Attorney and that game was gay as hell. anyway i thought Vivian was a woman at first because of the name...i would have been 1000% okay with that. that's all.

well anyway <3 thanks for making this amazing game! i'm going to tell my friends!!!

i felt this as well! i love tropes but these ones kind of killed it for me :/ excited for the game though!

this is such a fascinating concept! i love the art and futuristic vibe, too. one question: how do i get all the endings? i can only seem to get the middle one :/