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guys do you have an update on when the full game will be released :( i miss you ;((

wow, that was insane. i want to go out and meet people now, that was crazy. there's so much so hopefully this is coherent.

1. Which character did you like best?

i think at the moment, Robin, just because he got so many scenes because his is the only route out right? but i love all the characters soso much, including Maya and Faye...girlbosses am i right....Nico also stood out to me for his ~spicy personality~ etc. but i really did love alllll the characters.

also idk if this is related, but i really liked how...well. feminine? the men were allowed to be without being weird about their sexualities/masculinity/etc. like yes robin is a princess <3 no further questions.

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?

no....i'm going to go back after typing this comment and follow the

3. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?

everything was great! but if i had to add anything, i sort of wish we saw more of Faye? her influencing the story more or something. i love her

4. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!

i havent played visual novels in a LONG while; i've mostly been playing interactive fiction (so no visuals basically) and the total of the effects really hit me like a truck. The UI (the POV label especially was super cute), the...microexpressions? with the so good. I MISSED IT!!

lastly...well this is unhelpful and i also hope you guys are not homophobic? i'm going to assume no since you pulled some sound effects from Ace Attorney and that game was gay as hell. anyway i thought Vivian was a woman at first because of the name...i would have been 1000% okay with that. that's all.

well anyway <3 thanks for making this amazing game! i'm going to tell my friends!!!

i felt this as well! i love tropes but these ones kind of killed it for me :/ excited for the game though!

this is such a fascinating concept! i love the art and futuristic vibe, too. one question: how do i get all the endings? i can only seem to get the middle one :/