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Oh my god the art for this game is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! I found the actual gameplay really difficult but maybe it's just me being terrible hahah 

Addictive lil game, I felt like I played for ages without realising! 

I really like the presentation! I love the aesthetics of Tamagotchis and the way it looks like an old tv screen or something was really cool
Also I like that you die from stress haha 

That player is hard to please, now I know how my Sims feel! I like the pixel art and the little animations were a nice touch! Cool game c: 

I love the fact that you play as a box of popcorn beating the shit out of other products, the John Wick of the food world 

Fun to play, I feel like it's something you could play multiple times and enjoy! Got swarmed by lawnmowers and they scared me hahah

An interesting idea, it kept crashing though. Cute thumbnail art! 

Love how the fruits look! 

Thank uuuuuuuu I'm glad you enjoyed the seeeeeds! 

Thank you so much for your luvli comment <3 Thanks for playing! c:

Thank youuuuuu, I'm glad you liked the lil seeds! c:

Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting c: 

Thank youuuuuuu c:

Thanks so much for your comments! Glad you enjoyed it regardless of bugges c:

Thanks for playing! c:  Glad you had a gud tiiiime

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked it c:  

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Thanks so much for playing!

The story-telling was super nice, I really liked the style and the kids made me laugh, super enjoyable c: thank you!